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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 136

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 136

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Qi Yuan successfully proved his worth and won new opportunities for himself. Before Tan Qiu left, he had a long conversation with Qi Yuan. In addition to the two, No one knows what they talked about. Even Qu Shanhai and Su Li didn't know the content of the conversation.

After Tan Qiu left with Su Li, Qi Yuan felt the urgency of time more and more. Although he got Tan Qiu's promise, this World is always full of surprises and wants to deal with a level 4 Researcher, you can't be too cautious.

The long talk with Tan Qiu allowed Qi Yuan to understand some of the inside story of the shelter, and at the same time solved some misunderstandings, so that the follow-up cooperation has a foundation of trust.

But for Qi Yuan, putting all hope on others is definitely not a smart choice.

Although Tan Qiu's reputation is good, and she is willing to help herself, if she completely relies on her help, she will only fall into the quagmire.

Tan Qiu has always believed in equal value exchange, and every time she helped her, she had already clearly marked the price in secret.

So, no matter how many promises Tan Qiu gives, he must have his own hole cards so that he can truly gain a foothold in the shelter.

Qi Yuan quickly set an action plan.

In the rest of this time, in addition to the need to restore Seraphim to the fourth rank, several check-in points in the wilderness also need to complete the check-in. If you can successfully enter the third rank, then you absolutely Can give Feng Gan a huge surprise.

In the early morning of 2nd day, Qi Yuan had just left the laboratory of Master Qu. When he was still hesitating how to get more energy cores, an unexpected visitor came to the door.

It was an old man with a thin body. He was wearing a black blindfold, and the other eye that was exposed was not a perfect eye, but a fake mechanical eye.

Although it was the first time we met, Qi Yuan recognized his identity at a glance after seeing such obvious characteristics in the person who came.

A Chief-In-Charge of the Black Gold Chamber of Commerce, nicknamed "blind"!

"Mr. Qi Yuan, Black Gold Chamber of Commerce wants to negotiate with you for a deal, do you have time?" Blind said respectfully.

Qi Yuan glanced at him, Black Gold Chamber of Commerce and Futu Chamber of Commerce have been operating in Steel War Chariot for a long time. They often cooperate with Hunter Guild to release Bounty Mission, but sometimes , They will also contact certain hunters privately to carry out tasks that are not suitable for public release.

Most of the people who are qualified to cooperate with them are the third rank with relatively strong strength. Even the Wolf's Fang hunting team has had the experience of being hired by the Chamber of Commerce.

In Steel War Chariot, this kind of thing is not unc

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