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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 139

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The black and white shadow world stopped, Qi Yuan stopped and stared at the rustling woods in the distance.

In the gray area around Steel War Chariot, you rarely see the existence of woods, even if there are, most of them are weird plants like black twisted wood, growing in the depths of the swamp.

In the more dangerous blue areas, there are relatively more trees, but even the most experienced wilderness hunters dare not rush into the wilderness, because that means more danger.

In the new era, insect beast will eat people, and plants will also eat people!

"This is a bit difficult!" Qi Yuan frowned.

He would rather face insect beast than entangle these human-eating plants.

If the enemy is an insect beast and there is an insect beast detector, it can at least warn the surrounding insect beast, but for such a jungle, as long as you turn on the insect beast detector, you will see densely packed A spot of light.

Like the pine tree in Pine City, most of the trees in the jungle accumulate a lot of energy, but some have mutations, and some do not.

Before they attacked, no one knew which trees were ordinary trees and which trees were human-eating monsters!

Entering the jungle means entering their home field.

As for setting fire to the forest, apart from attracting other insect beasts in the wilderness, it is difficult to threaten the truly mutated trees inside.

Qi Yuan tried to get closer to the woods, and found that apart from the rustling of the woods, there was almost no trace of the insect beast. The jungle here almost wrote the words “I am very dangerous” on his face. !

However, the sign-in point is in the middle of the jungle. Although there are hidden dangers, it is imperative to enter the jungle.

Qi Yuan took a deep breath, left hand Decapitator, right hand Doomsday Striker, surrounded by several chief insect beasts, slowly stepped into the dark jungle.

The moment we stepped into the jungle, the light all around suddenly dimmed, the temperature suddenly dropped a few degrees, the air became humid, and the danger everywhere, like strips lurking in the dark The poisonous snake seems to be able to attack at any time.

There are many shrubs growing in the jungle. They spread in disorder in every corner of the jungle. These shrubs are extraordinarily tall and can easily obscure the sight of pedestrians.

Except for shrubs, the trees in the jungle are not tall, even less than the jungles of the old age. Except for a few trees, the height of the breakthrough is ten meters, the height of most of the trees They were all under ten meters, but the unusually luxuriant branches and leaves filled the entire jungle with a gloomy feeling, without a trace of warmth.

Countless dark green vines cling to tree trunks and climb among the bushes.

Qi Yuan used the

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