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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 131

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 131

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Berserker’s test requires enough space and an opponent with comparable strength. Master Qu’s laboratory test room has limited conditions and cannot complete Berserker’s battle strength test, so I can only go Test outside.

But the detailed data of this Berserker cannot be leaked for the time being, otherwise as long as Feng Gan hears a little wind, he will not enter the pit again with his vigilance.

Qi Yuan and Master Qu sneaked into the wilderness and found an unformed insect beast nest, ready to test, you can look at the densely packed light spot on the insect beast detector, Master Qu feels some scalp numbness.

Is this a test of Berserker's performance or a courting death!

In the first test of mechanical weapons, the probability of failure is much higher than the probability of no failure, and it is not surprising that the test machine self-destructs.

Qi Yuan chose the insect beast nest for the first time in the test, she was blindly confident.

"There are too many insect beasts here, and there are nine third-rank insect beasts. Would you like to change the place?" Master Qu asked in a low voice.

Nine third rank insect beasts, plus dozens of First Rank and Second Rank insect beasts, even if it is a Peak third rank, it can only escape in front of this number of insect beasts, let alone Said Qi Yuan is just a Second Rank with third rank battle strength.

This Berserker can theoretically fully strengthen the frontal battle strength of the user’s offensive and defensive ends, but after all, it is only a third-rank mechanical weapon. Even if it fails, can Qi Yuan defeat these insect beasts? He was not sure.

If Qi Yuan had an accident during the test, it would be the real gain more than the loss.

"Don't worry!"

Qi Yuan grinned and started loading Berserker.

An eight-clawed spider with a big palm, Xiao Hei, quietly lay on Qi Yuan's cervical spine, and eight spider-leg-like sharp probes pierced into the flesh instantly.

Qi Yuan controlled the body's instincts and let go of the resistance to the probes, otherwise one of these probes would not pierce the skin.

The cold touch of the probe gradually deepens. The moment it penetrates the spine, the end of the probe releases one after another bioelectricity, which is connected to the nerves in the center of the spine.

"Is this a mechanical weapon!"

Feeling the existence of Berserker, Qi Yuan thoughts move, the black spider on the back suddenly came alive, and an invisible black illusory shadow spread Open and wrap Qi Yuan's body in it, and shadow-like energy flows around Qi Yuan, like a burning black flame.


The wanton energy fluctuations alarmed the insect beast in the lair.

Feeling the threat from the outside, a chief insect beast came out of the underground nest and uttered a low growl at Qi

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