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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 130

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 130

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The advice given by Master Qu is like opening a skylight, allowing Qi Yuan to see another solution to the crisis.

Since Seraphim can easily solve this energy matrix problem, there must be a lot of dry goods in her stomach.

First use this energy matrix to create a body protection symbol for yourself, and then confront Feng Gan head-on!

Qi Yuan thought of many ways to deal with Feng Gan. Feng Gan can resist the temptation of the bait designed by himself, but can he resist the bait designed by Seraphim?

Feng Gan’s past papers and achievements put him in a thick protective coat, and the huge power of the academic committee is enough to help him resist most of the malice.

Even if Master Qu's Berserker defeats Feng Gan's Berserker head-on, it may not have much impact on Feng Gan, and with Feng Gan's current methods, he may not personally end in this dispute.

But the baits thrown by Seraphim are not the same. Once Feng Gan gets involved, he will inevitably swallow the bait together with the hook. As long as he finds a suitable opportunity, he can fully utilize the huge power of the academic committee. , To crush him.

With the assistance of Master Qu, Qi Yuan quickly completed the writing of the paper. However, there was a slight difference between the two on the choice of journal to submit. Master Qu originally wanted to directly pass the other It can be posted to "Truth" or "Life" so as to avoid being affected by Feng Gan.

As a Level 4 researcher, Feng Gan can influence the submission of "Hope" to a certain extent.

Each academic journal has a standardized review process. For formal researcher submissions or academic submissions recommended by Level 2 researchers, "Hope" will have reviewers to cross-review the manuscripts.

For the submission of an assistant researcher who does not have any recommendations, there will only be one reviewer, and like Qi Yuan, there is no recommendation, no qualifications, and even a wild researcher who is not an assistant researcher. Contributions may even be rejected directly.

Feng Gan is also one of the reviewers of "Hope". With his influence, Qi Yuan's paper can be rejected with no difficulty.

Gate of Truth "Truth" and Flesh and Blood Alliance's "Life", although there is also a risk of rejection, compared with the "Hope" that Feng Gan can directly influence, the probability of passing the paper is significantly higher .

After weighing the pros and cons, Qi Yuan shook his head and denied Master Qu's suggestion.

""Truth" was created by Gate of Truth, "Life" was created by Flesh and Blood Alliance. This is their strengths, but also their weaknesses. Although there is no academic position, those researchers But I have my own destination. I signed up for the Black Steel Shelter's biological and mechanical research laboratory assessment,

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