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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 138

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 138

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In the wilderness, with the roar of motorcycles, Qi Yuan approached the peripheral zone in the blue area all the way, before stopping.

Qi Yuan took off the black sunglasses and looked towards the depths of the wilderness, letting the wind sweep the gravel and hit her face.

In the blue area, there are often insect beasts above the third rank. Although the wilderness is vast and the density of powerful insect beasts is not high, even the esper of the third rank peak, as long as it encounters the fourth rank Insect beast, there is basically no possibility of surviving.

For wilderness hunters, hunting operations in the blue area have always used their lives to make bets.

Except for the previous settlement of the old city, one of the iron rules for wilderness hunters to enter the blue zone is that they cannot drive vehicles.

Because the vehicle is moving too much, driving the locomotive in the blue area that has not been cleared is a complete provocation for the powerful insect beast inside, and the probability of encountering a powerful insect beast will rise sharply. Even with Seraphim with him, Qi Yuan did not dare to run rampant in the blue area.

After observing for a while, Qi Yuan put on sunglasses again, Seraphim turned into an illusory shadow, and plunged into the ground from Qi Yuan's right foot.

For an energy body, escape through walls is just the most basic ability.

While Qi Yuan stopped, he chased from Steel War Chariot, and the little tail draped far behind also stopped, turning into a dark shadow. Using Telescope, Peeping at Qi Yuan's back from a distance.

As the dark child of the Black Gold Chamber of Commerce, mustard has only ordinary third rank strength, which is not too qualified, but this ability to incorporate shadows is indeed a good way to track stealth, although I don’t know the above Why do people want to track Qi Yuan, but since it is an order, Ji can only execute it.

Qi Yuan's move to the edge of the blue area made Jie hesitate. If Qi Yuan really enters the blue area, should he continue to track it?

Just as he hesitated, he suddenly felt anxious, as if he had been discovered.

Qi Yuan found me?

Shook the head and threw this idea into his mind. The distance between him and Qi Yuan is at least two kilometers. Even if Qi Yuan's perception field is strong, it is impossible to find himself.

In order to eliminate the inner anxiety, Mustard took out the insect beast detector from his pocket and took a look. Except for himself, there was no living thing in a radius of tens of meters.

Just as Kei was about to take the insect beast detector back into his pocket, the reflection of the screen suddenly reflected a silhouette, standing behind him.

Mustard's body stiffened, and subconsciously activated the insect beast detector again. As a re

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