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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 164

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 164

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Two identical Decapitators collided, and powerful energy fluctuations spread.

Qi Yuan only felt a huge force transmitted from the handle of the Decapitator, and the weapon almost broke out of his hand. He took two steps back in a row before removing the counter-shock force.

The replica also took two steps back. The Decapitator in his hand was buzzing and shaking. The first time the two played against each other was spare no effort, and they were evenly matched.

Qi Yuan's expression became serious. Although it was just a collision of the blades, he tried to detect the depth of the replica. His strength and speed were not inferior to his own. The perfection of the reproduction is so strange that it is unimaginable.

Faced with such an opponent who was exactly like him, Qi Yuan finally clearly felt his own strength.

At this moment, Qi Yuan is extremely thankful that he did not bring Doomsday Striker with him. If both parties use Doomsday Striker to attack at the same time, Qi Yuan doubts whether his Second Rank Steel Defense can block Annihilation Warhead.

If both headshots, perish together, it would be embarrassing.

"Come again!"

Qi Yuan exhaled, and the Decapitator in his hand slashed towards the copy.

For the method of copying, Qi Yuan is more familiar than anyone else. After all, the opponent has perfectly reproduced his own abilities and weapons, so Qi Yuan dare not use Steel Defense to resist Decapitator's attack. .

Second Rank Although the strength is not enough to injure yourself with a single blow, the energy can be poured.

Energy pouring is one's own strongest move to defeat the copy, and it is also the strongest method for the copy of the opponent.

clang! clang! clang!

Under the area detection, there is nowhere to perform any sneak attack and neither of the two can break through the other's defenses, and fiercely confront each other. , It is a knife after knife, collision with full force again and again.

The full burst of power and speed eventually turned into a series of dense metal collision sounds, and fire stars splashing all over the sky.

Watching the battle between the two, Pei Zongyan's palms sweated unconsciously.

Until this moment, he finally saw how terrifying Qi Yuan's strength is. If it weren’t for the photosphere to reproduce a copy of Qi Yuan, I’m afraid that Qi would not be able to test out Qi in the last battle. Yuan true strength.


After another full-scale collision, Qi Yuan and the Decapitator in the hands of the replica came out at the same time.

Qi Yuan right hand clenched a fist, the energy control quietly activated, a group of fierce purple flames poured out of the body, instantly igniting the violent fist.

The copy of the opposite, a madness flashed in his eyes, and the same purple

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