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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 167

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 167

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No matter how hard-headed Pei Zongyan was, as Qi Yuan demonstrated his strength step by step, he began to feel the invisible pressure from Qi Yuan.

With Qi Yuan’s age and the non-standard abilities he has mastered, if it is not targeted by Ke Shoulin and Feng Gan, entering the sanctuary is a certain Get out of the way.

Black Steel Shelter has happened before.

Although most of the refugees in the wilderness are mediocre waste, but under the huge population base and complex living environment, there have been several shocking and stunning generations.

Some deserters who are despised by the residents of the shelter can only struggle to survive in the wilderness, but once they step into the shelter and are nourished by sufficient resources, they will soon soar into the sky.

Mo Sheng from the Wasteland Exploration Department is one of the well-known figures!

It took him only seventeen years to walk from a deserter to the position of Vice-section Head of the Desert Exploration Department, obtain P6 permission, and stand on the pyramid of Black Steel Shelter. The upper level.

It is also rumored that Mo Sheng is about to enter the seventh rank and become a high-level esper.

Mo Sheng's popularity in the sanctuary even faintly overshadows Ke Shoulin, the War Department's Vice-section Head, relying on his strong strength and innate talent.

The residents of the sanctuary originally looked down on the refugees from the wilderness very much. It is precisely because of the strong rise of Mo Sheng that this has changed some people's views on the refugees from the wilderness.

Although some die-hards do not like Mo Sheng, this does not conceal the fact that the situation of the migrants in the wilderness is slowly improving.

Perhaps because he was born into the wilderness, Mo Sheng has always taken care of the refugees who stepped into the sanctuary. The Fu Qingqing was trained by him, and now he has already made an appearance. Kind of Mo Sheng's imposing manner back then.

Once Qi Yuan's performance today reaches Mo Sheng's ears, even if he really becomes an assistant researcher, with Mo Sheng's personality, he will definitely open his mouth to Tan Qiu.

With Qi Yuan's innate talent and Mo Sheng's asylum, even if Ke Shoulin really tears his face, it may not be able to suppress Qi Yuan.

When I thought of myself, I even offended such a promising esper for the two two-star glory trials that Ke Shoulin had promised. Pei Zongyan wanted to slap himself a few times.

If it's an opportunity for a three-star glory trial, maybe you can consider it, but it's just two two-star glory trials, it's not worth it!

But Pei Zongyan also knows very well that since he has boarded the Ke Shoulin boat, there is no possibility to disembark, otherwise Qi Yuan does not need to do it, Ke Shouli

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