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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 145

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 145

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Seraphim, wearing a long Lolita skirt, walked out of the shadows and informed Qi Yuan of the situation inside the mine.

Dark Sand and Demon Puppet actually colluded with Xu Family and used the power of Xu Family to advance to the fourth rank! And you think you can kill me!

Qi Yuan's eyes flickered, and he took out two plasma bombs from his pocket and handed them to Seraphim's hands.

"Throw them into the blood pool and kill a few first! If you can't blow them up, then do it! Kill all, don't keep one!"

For the enemy, Qi Yuan will always be So don't talk about martial ethics.

Seraphim tilted his head and glanced at the plasma bomb in his hand, his eyes looked a little excited, and the shadow disappeared again.

Whether it is the poisonous red-backed poisonous snout ant colony and the four-legged snake lizard, or the remnants of Demon Puppet, Dark Sand and Xu Family, once it is affected by a plasma bomb, even if it is not dead, Seriously injured.

If they are lucky enough to survive the explosion of the plasma bomb, and Seraphim is also cleaning the battlefield, they only need to clean up the mess at the end.

In the depths of the dark mine, Demon Puppet was still hesitating whether to act on Qi Yuan now, but the blood pool full of corpses suddenly moved.

In the boiling blood pool, there was a sudden wave, as if an invisible hand was stirring in the center of the blood pool.

"What's the matter?" Demon Puppet asked.

Black Robe's brows are also frowned, and the only thing that can make the blood pool roll is Dark Sand inside.

Time can be counted. Dark Sand should still be asleep right now. He will have at least one hour before stepping into the fourth rank and then waking up from the deep sleep.

Dark Sand wakes up at this moment, and it is very likely that it will lead to failure in the advancement. Even if the advancement is successful, the strength will be greatly weakened.

What the hell is Dark Sand doing?

Just when black robe was puzzled, the blood pool boiled more and more fiercely. A broken corpse was lifted by the tumbling blood and smashed down facing the black robe.

Black robe had a wrong body, let the fallen corpse, stare at the center of the blood pool, such violent movement, it must be Dark Sand sleeping in the center of the blood pool forcibly awakening.

What happened?

Why did Dark Sand forcefully wake up at the risk of failing to advance?

Thinking through Black Robe’s mind, but never got the answer he wanted.

"Is it Qi Yuan's hands and feet?" Demon Puppet asked.

"Impossible!" Black robe shook the head with a gloomy face.

"Qi Yuan is still up there, he didn't come in at all!"

The waves in the blood pool are getting more and more intense, and the corpses are lifted by the blood waves, and you can see them vaguely

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