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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 166

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In addition to the first test of the real illusion, the following five assessments, or the content of the five tests, are relatively simple.

The contents of the five tests are: age, pollution index, genetic stability index, willpower, and bonus points.

The second test content is age. The Danger Management Department does not have very strict restrictions on the age of assessment, which gives Head Examiner a certain degree of autonomy.

According to the practice of every previous assessment, if there are too many wilderness refugees who pass the first test, Head Examiner may set an age threshold to eliminate a group of people who are over the age and save the work of subsequent testing. quantity.

This time, although the number of people who passed the first test was very small, Pei Zongyan, who wanted to prevent Qi Yuan from entering the shelter, still proposed to set an age threshold.

"With so many test items, it is too time consuming to test one by one. I suggest setting it to 18 years old and we should eliminate a few first. We can also save some time." Pei Zongyan suggested.

Although Pei Yanzong does not know Qi Yuan’s true age, he knows that awakening non-standard abilities is not an easy task. Qi Yuan can awaken multiple non-standard abilities, and his age will definitely not Small.

Sun Jia also realized this and stood up directly against it.

Although he knew that Kou Haitao would definitely not agree with this unreasonable suggestion, he still decided to stand up because Qi Yuan showed great potential in the assessment just now. People are worth their own investment.

A few words, if Qi Yuan can remember the affection of these words, he will have another way in the future.

The two tore their faces apart, and the giving tit for tat quarreled.

Kou Haitao was playing with a small flashlight-like device, listening to the two people's quarrel with some headaches, and began to regret taking the errand. At the beginning, the two could maintain the superficial harmony. Now Thoroughly cast aside all considerations for face, neither giving way to the other, so he also got into a dilemma.

"There is no threshold for age."

Kou Haitao said with a final word.

On hearing this expected decision, Pei Zongyan and Sun Jia stopped arguing.

"Bring people here." Kou Haitao didn't want to hear the quarrel between the two, so he started the second test.

Thunder Scorpion and the others immediately brought the nine waiting people over.

The hunters who failed the first test did not leave. They circled the square, trying to observe the follow-up test.

Kou Haitao glanced at the surrounding wilderness hunters. As the Head Examiner this time, although he did not discriminate against the refugees in the wilderness, he did not want to be seen as a monkey by such a group

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