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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 157

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 157

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The moment the man hit Ling You, the dark blue and black thunder crashed down, completely covering the two of them.

hong long long!

The destructive thunder beam releases terrifying energy fluctuations, madly destroying everything around it.

The earth is rolling, and the thunder snake is raging, which outlines a scene of thunder's extinction.

The thunder raged for ten seconds before it slowly dissipated, revealing the Ling You and cloak man shrouded in it.

The two stood opposite each other, still maintaining the posture before the thunder fell, as if there was no change.

The man hit Ling You's chest with a punch like a statue.

Ling You slowly put down his raised hands and stared at the man indifferently, like a dead person.

The man turned his stiff neck and looked at Ling You's indifferent eyes, a touch of stunnedness appeared in his eyes.


The man didn't believe that Ling You was hit by his full force in the front, and he was unscathed!

This is not like a strong defense that an elemental domain esper should have!

Even if it is a fourth rank combat domain powerhouse, it will be hit hard if it bears this fist head-on.

The powerful defense shown by Ling You is not even weaker than yourself!

Ling You not only possesses an elemental domain's core ability and intermediate ability, but also has an equally powerful core defensive ability!

But, how is this possible!

An esper with an intermediate core defensive ability is the fourth rank, and having two intermediate core defensive abilities means stepping into the fifth rank!

Ling You is obviously only a fourth rank, how could she have two core abilities!

A Ling You who has been hiding in Steel War Chariot all the year round and was mistaken by everyone as having only the third rank. Not only has the strength of the fourth rank, but also possesses two powerful core abilities. This simply subverts his beliefs. Know.

Until this moment, the man didn’t know why Xu Yue died in Ling You’s hands and couldn’t even escape!

Ling You hides his strength, and the pit he dug is too deep. Not only did Xu Yue die from the pit, but he also fell.

I suffered a direct blow to destroy the thunder. Not only did my defenses get crushed, but the internal organs were also severely injured. Even running away became a luxury.

"Are you fourth rank or fifth rank?" the man asked sullenly.

"This is not a question you should consider." Ling You looked at the man, without the slightest joy of victory.

"After you die, I will hang your body next to Xu Yue's body. This is the price you paid for your arrogance and ignorance!"

"You can't Kill me!" the man gasped.

"I’m from Ke Shoulin. Now that you know his name, you should know how strong he is in Black Steel She

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