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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 155

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 155

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"Su Li is here again?"

Qi Yuan, who was hiding in the Master Qu laboratory, was slightly taken aback when he heard that Su Li wanted to see him Just a moment, but soon realized that Su Li must be sending a message to Tan Qiu this time.

After welcoming Su Li to the laboratory, Su Li did not speak too much, and directly relayed Tan Qiu's instructions, and then handed the silver blade potion to Qi Yuan.

"Tan Qiu is really confident in me!" Taking the medicine, Qi Yuan said with a smile.

The opponent is the Peak third rank with nine third rank abilities, and he is just a wilderness drifter of the Second Rank. Tan Qiu actually wants to make himself a bit easier, and don't kill Ke Long.

Qi Yuan feels a little didn't know whether to cry or laugh when he listens.

Su Li also thinks Tan Qiu's request is a bit absurd, but he knows that Tan Qiu is not such a whisperer. Since she said that, she must believe that Qi Yuan has the ability to kill Ke Long.

"Although I don’t know what kind of hole cards you have, if you really beat Ke Long, it’s best to keep him alive. Although Ke Long is not a good thing, his father is War Department. The actual power of the Vice-section Head, you still have to think about it."

Qi Yuan shrugged.

"Even if I leave Ke Long with his life, the other party may not appreciate it."

"That's true." Su Li also nodded.

From the moment they confronted Ke Long, they turned from strangers to enemies. With Ke Long’s temperament, he was left with his life, but it was just one more enemy. Will improve the relationship between myself and Ke Shoulin.

"But Ke Long is alive, and Ke Shoulin will at least not run away. I think you definitely don't want to face a runaway War Department Vice-section Head." Su Li said.

Although the biological and mechanical research laboratory has a special position, no one dared to reach out, but it must be said that the influence of the Black Steel Shelter is definitely not comparable to the most powerful War Department.

War Department is the strongest one in the true sense of Black Steel Shelter.

Does Ke Shoulin runaway have anything to do with me?

Isn’t there still Tan Qiu against it?

I am from Tan Qiu, and everything I do is ordered by Tan Qiu...Qi Yuan said silently in his heart.

"Don't worry, I will keep the life of Ke Long!"

The premise is that this guy named Ke Long will not court death by himself, Qi Yuan is silent in his heart The added sentence.

"Since Ke Shoulin has intervened in the assessment, will he do his hands and feet elsewhere?" Qi Yuan asked.

"Of course he will!" Su Li shrugged.

"Every time we enter and exit the shelter, we must register. I came out to find your news. I must not hide it from Ke Shoulin. This old fox can definitely guess my purpose of leaving the city."


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