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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 162

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 162

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The broken rock exploded, like fragments of a cannonball blasting in all directions.

Qi Yuan is like a savage Steel War Chariot. It directly shreds the sharp rock sword array, and forcibly crushed a channel leading to the edge of the stone pillar.

"Such a powerful defense!" Sun Jia was slightly surprised.

He has been in the third rank for many years. As a Peak third rank, he knows what Qi Yuan's defense means.

The third rank strengthens the defense. Facing these rock spurs, it is absolutely impossible to rampage like Qi Yuan.

This means that Qi Yuan's defense is strengthened, and it may not be standardized third rank capabilities.

For the refugees in the wilderness, there is not much difference between standard and non-standard abilities, but for the esper of the shelter, there is a huge gap between standard abilities and non-standard abilities.

Gene medicine can stabilize esper's standardized ability to wake up, but it does not mean that genetic medicine can completely replace autonomous wakefulness. The most important reason is that autonomous wakefulness has a certain probability of non-standard ability to wake up.

Non-standard abilities are usually stronger than standard abilities of the same type.

More importantly, the collaborative integration of non-standard capabilities and other capabilities is far more powerful than standard capabilities.

This means that the probability of breakthrough fourth rank increases, which means that it is more hopeful to step into a higher rank.

Sun Jia vaguely felt that he seemed to have guessed why Tan Qiu values ​​Qi Yuan so much.

Only relying on this non-standard defensive ability, Qi Yuan controls the core ability, and the probability of entering the fourth rank is higher than others.

If Qi Yuan has a non-standard ability that can be integrated with defensive ability, even if it only applies for the one-star glory trial and controls the core ability, the probability of entering the fourth rank will exceed one hundred. Fifty points.

If you can apply for the three-star glory trial, it will be almost 100% successful.

The glory trials of Black Steel Shelter, from ordinary to excellent, are divided into one-star, two-star, three-star, and four-star. Each star requires a different contribution point.

The one-star Glory Trial is the most close to the people. It only requires 1,000 contribution points, which can be redeemed by most residents of the shelter.

But starting with two stars, the contribution points required for redemption have risen linearly. Between each star, the price increases ten times. To redeem the three-star glory trial, a full 100,000 contribution points are required. Enough to discourage most third-rank esper.

In addition to the invisible threshold set above for redeeming th

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