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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 143

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 143

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Gu dong! Gu dong!

The weak insect beast grew up with a big mouth, did not care about a broken chin, and swallowed black liquor with big mouths.

The weakness of the body does not prevent the third rank polluted beast from absorbing black mucus.

Soon, the second rank's insect beast was sucked dry and lay weakly on the ground.

The originally weak third rank insect beast gradually became plump. Although a Second Rank polluted beast could not make it fully recovered, it also made him recover from a state where he might die suddenly at any time. Barely able to stand up by himself.

Qi Yuan brows slightly wrinkle, although the body of this polluted beast has recovered a bit and the disappeared black liquor has also been replenished, its energy level intensity has not recovered. At this moment, it does not look like A weak third rank is more like a weak First Rank polluting beast.

Its breath is even weaker than the Second Rank lying on the ground.

In order to confirm his guess, Qi Yuan took out the insect beast detector and observed it. The third rank pollutant beast, which should have been displayed as a red light spot, has turned into a green light spot.

It has degenerated from the third rank to the First Rank!

This weird ruin is not just as simple as the black liquor in their bodies, but even their most basic energy intensity is swallowed!

"Go in again." Qi Yuan said solemnly.

Seraphim knowingly controlled a polluted beast to step into the ruins, and then quickly leave, staying in the ruins for less than two seconds.

Although the polluting beast is very fast, it only takes less than two seconds, the polluting beast still loses a circle.

When it stepped in, there was no obvious change. All the changes were concentrated in the second when it retreated and left.

Qi Yuan thought about it.

Although this piece of ruin can eat people, there will be a short delay in the process of "eating". The target who is "eaten" silently will not even feel the changes in the body.

Once you decide to leave, it will trigger the rapid swallowing mechanism, and the speed of weakness will increase rapidly. In just a few seconds, a third rank polluted beast can be sucked into a corpse.

Your body has gone farther and farther on the road of non-human beings. Can this ruin absorb your own flesh and blood?

One thought passed through my mind, Qi Yuan did not dare to risk his life until the last moment.

There are still enough polluting beasts to consume. Try a few more times and you will always find a way to deal with it.

A polluted beast with a long tail, standing on the edge of the ruins, plunged its tail into the ruins.

The slender tail flicked gently in the ruins.

Qi Yuan eyes flashed, the tail was clearly in the ruins, and the expected weakness did not

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