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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 70

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 70

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Qi Yuan one blade after another, kills all the insect beasts of the insect nest, and kills all the sand otter beasts with it. The whole insect nest is finally emptied, leaving only The two third rank insect beasts that are entangled with Lizi are firmly bound in place by the power of the shadow, unable to move.

Qi Yuan carried the Decapitator and leaned forward. Although the two third-rank insect beasts were fierce, after seeing Qi Yuan, there was obviously a trace of fear in his eyes, and the struggle became stronger.

They also witnessed the scene where Qi Yuan hacked and killed the insect beast group all the way, and they have labelled Qi Yuan as a butcher.

"Do you need help?" Qi Yuan tapped a chief insect beast with a blood-stained Decapitator.

Lizi nodded, if it were only a third rank insect beast, he would have strangled it to suffocation.

Fighting against the two third ranks at the same time, the consumption is still too great, if he continues to entangle, his shadow power will almost be exhausted.

Qi Yuan chuckled, and drew the hideous butcher from his waist.

"I have killed so many First Rank and Second Rank. I have not killed a third rank. Today is just a fun time!"

The butcher’s black muzzle, arrived In the heart of the insect beast, the cold touch exudes the crisis of death.

“roar! ”

The insect beast struggled and let out a low growl from deep in the throat. They felt the crisis of death in Qi Yuan.

But under the tight shackles of the shadow tentacles, no matter how hard you struggle, you can't get rid of the shackles.

Qi Yuan pulls the trigger directly.


A dull sound suddenly sounded, and a bloody bullet hole appeared in the hard leather armor at the heart of the insect beast!

"You didn't even die?" Qi Yuan looked at the insect beast in surprise.

In addition to sandworm, it was the first time he encountered an insect beast capable of resisting Annihilation Warhead, even though this third-rank insect beast did not have the third-rank enhanced defense.

Blood gurgled out of the wound, but the insect beast did not fall. That is, even if the butcher’s this shot blessed Annihilation Warhead, it just shattered its defenses and failed to smash its heart. The first third rank insect beast was killed by one blow!


The insect beast struggled again, the bullet that dived deep into the flesh and blood had a terrifying Power of Annihiliation, and a powerful flesh and blood defense was in front of it. , Completely useless.

The bullet is already not far from the heart, which means that this gun can break its defense, it can block one, but it definitely cannot block the second.

Qi Yuan aimed the butcher's muzzle at the bloody bullet hole and fired another shot without the slightest hesitation.


The second b

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