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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 73

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 73

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Steel War Chariot, 3 Oak Street.

Qi Yuan is still outside the door, the area detection clearly "saw" to Xiao Hei, who is waiting for him, and in the deeper room, the smoking 獠 and He Peng, except for Lizi, The entire Wolf's Fang squad team has arrived.

Although area detection is only an auxiliary ability, the improvement of battle strength is no less than any other combat domain ability.

As long as within the scope of the area detection, 360 degrees of perception without blind spots can not only prevent enemy sneak attacks, but also make Qi Yuan a sharpshooter.

Area perception and firearms control, within the power of the ability, do not need any aiming, whether it is a butcher or Grim Reaper's blind sniper, it can accurately hit the target, with a hundred shots!

Greatly improved Qi Yuan's battle strength!

Qi Yuan pushed the door in, Xiao Hei greeted him immediately after hearing the movement.

"Sister Luan and Captain are waiting for you inside."

Qi Yuan didn't say much, just followed Xiao Hei and entered the reception room inside.

After entering the room, the three of the Wolf's Fang hunting team turned their heads one after another, Qi Yuan calmly glanced at them, and then said hello.

"Sit down." Hao said casually.

Qi Yuan nodded, found a seat by the window.

Li glanced at the mechanical wall clock on the wall and said: "Wait a minute, Lizi should be back soon."

Xiao Hei brought Qi Yuan a cup of steaming tea , Asked in a low voice: "The person of Venom, it seems that the target is really you, did you do something angry and complaining, so the other party will come from Lionheart Castle to deal with you."

Qi Yuan glanced at him and said faintly: "Why is Venom killing me? I don't know. I only know that if Venom's people are of this level, I can kill them all alone!"

Xiao Hei choked suddenly. He originally wanted to make a joke to scare Qi Yuan. He didn't expect Qi Yuan backhand to put a force on his face!

And there is no way to refute it!

Venom is not only the most powerful gang in Lionheart Castle, but it is even famous in the surrounding gathering points. Venom is only the third rank esper and it exceeds the number of hands. It also has mechanical weapons. In terms of strength, just a venom strength is more powerful than the Wolf's Fang hunting team and Thunder Scorpion hunting team.

Moreover, the leader of the venom gang-Venom, his very toxic touch is extremely poisonous, and the ordinary third rank can't fight him at all. Even the leader of Lionheart Castle, Lion King, is somewhat afraid of him. Except for the leader of Ling You, few third rank dare to say that they can win against Venom.

Venom has relied on its highly toxic power for so many years. Apart from having suffered a big loss on the Steel War Chariot side, at several other g

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