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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 85

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 85

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Yu still held his Gatling, walked over with a blank face, and searched Qi Yuan's whole body, but found no star energy stone.

This unexpected result made Gray Robe almost out of control. He whispered angrily roared: "Where did you hide the star energy stone? Hand it over!"

He stretched out his hand and pressed it on Qi On Yuan's shoulder, he would fall off the roof of the thirty-seventh floor with just a little effort.

"I said, the star energy stone has been beaten and it is not on me!" Qi Yuan said calmly.

On the roof of a building where the sun does not rise, in the shadow that the rays of light cannot shine, a thin sniper is watching the wonderful scene of gray robe infighting through the scope.

"Interesting, this guy, Gray Robe, even shot Abyss. Isn’t he worried about being retaliated by the Wolf's Fang hunting team?"

The corner of the man’s mouth slightly raised, with the sight glass The sight is firmly locked on Qi Yuan,

This is also a modified Grim Reaper loaded with special armor piercing bullets. The third rank in his hand has more than five fingers. With a light click, the bullet can be sent to the center of the target's eyebrows.

In the shadow of another building, a one-armed old man with eagle-like eyes also saw Qi Yuan standing on the edge of the building. The complexion was slightly changed.

"This kid is over! This kid can deal with even the third rank polluter, how could the gutter roll over at this time!"

"Gray robe, this dog, was used in the past. Damn him!"

The old man glanced at the scene of all around, and suddenly the shadow of flashed with blood color disappeared.

At this moment, a dull gunshot suddenly sounded.

Qi Yuan complexion changed, and then I saw the gray robe's head shattered like a watermelon, and the red blood and white brains were suddenly scattered on the ground.

The headless body of gray robe fell to the ground. Qi Yuan followed the gun reputation, but did not see any silhouette.

Who is helping me?

Soon Qi Yuan thought of someone

The sniper who came back with Lizi that night!

Gray Robe is dead, Yu and Jian also got rid of the control of distorted thinking. He looked at Qi Yuan with guilt and was about to apologize. The second sniper rifle sounded again.

His expression froze, a bullet penetrated his chest and directly hit Qi Yuan's chest, and then was blocked by Second Rank's Steel Defense.

The bullet was blocked, but Qi Yuan's face suddenly changed. The timing and angle of this shot were too deadly!

Steel Defense blocked the penetration of the bullet, but could not block the powerful kinetic energy of the sniper bullet. Qi Yuan, who was already half-footed, fell back under the impact of the bullet. , Fell directly from the roof of 37th-layer.


Yu’s stern cry tore through the night s

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