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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 71

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 71

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The hard mud can withstand the penetration of bullets and weaken the attack of energy rays. However, the horrible chill of this blade's energy pouring and erupting, but like a ghost, instantly freezes Qi Yuan’s feet The mud, along the gap of the mud all the way down, directly ice-covered everything in a radius of ten meters.

Ling Li's chill raged in the underground cave, and the man who walked under Qi Yuan's feet became stiff and his face was full of horror.

The violent cold poured in instantly, and in less than half a second, the cave was frozen, and his body was also frozen into an ice sculpture.

How could this happen!

The man who was frozen in an instant, looked desperately at the frozen world that was raging in the cold, he could not understand what he was going through.

A First Rank, how can kill and behead make such a terrifying knife!

How can a combat domain control such a bitter chill!

Even the frost elemental domain of the third rank, it is impossible to instantly cause this terrifying frost to spread!

Under the gaze of the three dumbfounded eyes, Qi Yuan pulled out the Decapitator from the frozen ground under his feet and retracted it back to his waist.


The first actual battle of energy pouring did not disappoint Qi Yuan. It was even more lethal than a simple test. The only drawback is that it can only be cut out. One dollar, and a bit expensive.

One impulse is that 20,000 yuan is gone!


Xiao Hei looked at the ground under Qi Yuan's foot like a glacier and frozen soil, just like looking at a monster. Although he repeatedly raised the evaluation of Qi Yuan's strength, this horrible cut was so terrifying. Tell him that he still underestimates the strength of Qi Yuan.

Just this blade, Qi Yuan has enough strength to instantly kill most of the third rank!

Lizi was already full of admiring little stars. He couldn't help but want to admire, but opened his mouth, only to realize that he didn't know what to say.

Luan spits out one mouthful of impure air, for Qi Yuan this blade formidable power, she doesn't know how to evaluate it.

The terrifying power of this blade is even stronger than the full burst of the steel rose in her hand!

Although, like the Power of Frost coming from a glacier, it was caused by the explosion of Decapitator and energy pouring, but seeing this miraculous knife with her own eyes, she still couldn't help feeling shocked.

The formidable power of this blade was so shocking that she subconsciously ignored a problem. The timing of Qi Yuan this blade's beheading was extremely precise, without the lock of the detector and tactical eyepiece. , How did he do it.

Qi Yuan, the youngster who surprised her many times, once again created a miraculous surprise.

"Are people still alive?" Luan asked.

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