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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 68

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 68

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Before setting off, Qi Yuan was planning to bring in Jia Tao, the tool man, but Luan didn’t expect to stop him. Although Luan didn’t give much explanation, Qi Yuan was keenly aware When something went wrong, although the clearing task at this time was taken by oneself, there might be some other dangers hidden behind it.

There is only one possibility of refusing Jia Tao to join. He is too weak and cannot face this danger with his strength.

Although Luan's hint is not very obvious, the existence that can make the Wolf's Fang hunting team treat it so cautiously is definitely more dangerous than the insect beast's nest itself.

Wolf's Fang hunting team is willing to help themselves for the first time, for observation and assessment, the second time is definitely for other reasons.

Otherwise, based on the friendship between myself and the Wolf's Fang hunting team, it is absolutely impossible to help myself out again and again.

Even if Xiao Hei loses the bet.

The task at this time is more like a tacit transaction.

While getting help from the Wolf's Fang hunting team, you must endure the additional dangers brought by the Wolf's Fang hunting team.

Qi Yuan also thought about whether he wanted to be involved, but in the end he chose to join.

Luan rejected Jia Tao, but did not reject herself, which means that her strength may be enough to face this danger. This is still in the case of Steel Recovery not being exposed

Steel Defense's frankness combined with the recovery of Steel Recovery, its ability to face danger absolutely surpasses most of the third rank.

When Qi Yuan drove the Iron Wolf and rushed out of the Steel War Chariot with the jeeps of the Wolf's Fang hunting team, the undercurrent hidden under the water surged again.

In the jeep, Xiao Hei rarely laughed, his expression looked a bit solemn.

"Sister Luan, Qi Yuan is very strong, but he is only First Rank after all. Is it dangerous for him to be involved in this kind of thing?"

"Perhaps. "

Luan leaned in the passenger seat, closing his eyes tiredly.

"I have already hinted to him. From his mind, he should have guessed that this task is not just a simple payment task, otherwise he will definitely pay the employment fee first. "

Listening to the conversation between the two, Lizi was a little bit hesitant to speak, Luan found that his expression was a little strange.

"Lizi, you can just say what you want to say. Your shyness should be overcome."

Lizi blushed, and said weakly: "I feel Qi Yuan is stronger than when I saw it last time."

Luan expression congeals.

"Are you sure?"

Although most of Lizi's abilities specialize in shadows, he also has an unknown mysterious domain ability-danger perception.

Although First Rank’s perception of danger does not substantially improve battle

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