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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 102

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 102

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With the help of silver crystals to release energy, the ball of blazing lightning hovering in front of Archlight is more terrifying than the Thunder Dragon at the beginning.

Luan clenched his hands in an instant, and almost couldn't hold back summon's steel rose, giving Archlight a shot.

Is this the strength of third rank Peak!

A shock flashed in Qi Yuan's eyes. Archlight may have other shortcomings and shortcomings, but when facing the enemy, this powerful attack power can almost make up for all shortcomings.

Qi Yuan quietly grasped the star energy stone hidden in his pocket, and couldn't help thinking about how to deal with Archlight's attack if he and Li were in a different place.

If there is no star energy stone, I can shoot and destroy these silver crystals!

With the formidable power of Doomsday Striker and Annihilation Warhead, no matter how hard these silver crystals are, they are still shot one by one!

If you use star energy stone, it is even simpler. Star energy stone can make all these silver crystals invalid, and Archlight can only stare!

As long as "Flying Thunder God" is blocked, Archlight doesn't seem to be so difficult to deal with.

Qi Yuan can restrain Archlight's "Flying Thunder God", but for Li, every "Flying Thunder God" is a fatal attack!

There are four floating silver crystals on the field, which means that Archlight can still use the "Flying Thunder God" four times. Qi Yuan can't help holding the right hand tightly. Although the strength is strong, but Absolutely can't withstand the repeated bombing of Archlight's intensity.

With this level of lightning ball, every time it is hit, it is a bet!

You may win once, but it is impossible to bet every time you win. As long as you lose your bet once, you will lose your life!

Faced with Archlight, which controls the huge lightning ball, the huge black wolf that changed as if fearlessly, still charged towards Archlight.

"Is he really afraid of death?"

The venom stared at the lightning ball floating in front of Archlight. It was a terrorist attack that he didn't dare to resist directly. .

Li's defense may be stronger than his own, but he will definitely not be able to hold this terrifying ball of lightning. Even if he does not die, he will be hit hard in an instant.

"Don't underestimate the strength of the liao!" Ghost Face lightly saying.

"The five silver crystals are not exhausted, and it is impossible to distinguish between them!"

The blood crocodile is also nodded.

"If Li was so easy to deal with, he would have died in the wilderness a long time ago. Ling You's deterrence is only useful for one person. Li can go now and rely on his own strength!"

"If Archlight can kill the roe in the arena, the variables brought by the sickle can also be smoothed out!"


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