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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 115

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 115

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scorpion did not see his face lighted up, just full blow, but still hit the animal contamination, and did not complete the kill, with a strong resilience pollution beast will not take long You will be able to recover.

Although there is no pollution can kill the beast, this fist is not nothing, at least for the strength of these contaminated animals, the scorpion heart has made a preliminary judgment.

ratio Luan Jia Tao and other senior third rank weaker, but the gap is not large, if you count the pollution beast afraid of injuries, little key characteristics of pollution among beast might be spared more terrifying.

The other side, hunt and Demon Puppet also solved their opponents.

Demon Puppet small mechanical puppet, the giant lizard contamination beheaded animals, complete kill.

hunt will play against pollution beast torn two, hidden in the core of the body to destroy contamination.

three contaminated animal two deaths and one injury, four, but he is not happy, they are the third rank Peak of esper and mechanic, the average strength of these contaminated animals, and more powerful than the hunters into the city, hunter singled be able to beat them is not much.

Such a polluter if a small number, perhaps they would not cause too much danger, from the current situation, the number of these animals are absolutely pollution over the limit they can deal with.

"pouring out from below the contaminated animals, there are at least one hundred!" Archlight people say a digital scared. After

"can not play!" Demon Puppet connected to the head, shook the head.

"If we five are together, and the group might be able to fight a beast pollution, now, I just hope they do not catch up with large forces retreat."

" come on, there are pollution beast coming! "

scorpion looked struggled slowly stood up contaminated animals, and did not go up the knife.

"I have a feeling, really dangerous enemy is likely hidden in the dark, no."

scorpion hunt and also stern.

pollution beast appeared, Qi Yuan mouth Xu Family bloodline still does not appear, if these animals are really Xu Family pollution control children, their strength is certainly more terrifying than these contaminated animals.


four quickly left, leaving seriously injured the other end of contaminated animals, little by little the direction of chasing away the four climbing.

deepest underground laboratory, all training positions have been opened, the insect beast Xu Kui and Xu Xiaoshuang pollution, have all left, began a frantic hunt.

The only surprise is that the incubation center of the little girl.

circular culture compartment, such as blood scarlet nutrient solution has receded, huddled together girl is still closed eyes.

Xu Xiaoshuang has pulled out of the draft tube

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