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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 106

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 106

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"Dark Sand, what do they want to do?" Ghost Face was a little confused.

The addition of the sickle has made up for the third rank Peak’s battle strength gap to a certain extent, but now Li is seriously injured and unconscious, and Demon Puppet has also been forced to change to a new body. What I have paid here is nothing but a coma. Archlight temporarily loses its battle strength, and there is an insignificant Qing Lei.

No matter how you look at it, Dark Fairy Tale and Steel War Chariot are at an absolute disadvantage. The departure of Dark Sand at this time is very likely to cause the subsequent battle to collapse.

"The Anzi you inserted in the opposite side, is there any news coming back?" Ghost Face suddenly asked.

Venom shook the head, and Anzi delivers messages at this time, and the exposed probability is too great.

"Do you need to send someone to find the trail of Dark Sand?" the puppet asked.

"It's useless!" Venom shook the head.

"Dark Sand's ability is very strange, like a sickle, come and go without a shadow or trace. The old city is so big, it is impossible to find his trace!"

"Don't go Look for Dark Sand!" An angry look flashed in Ghost Face's eyes.

"We directly acted on No.1 and No.2. Without Dark Sand, what would they use to confront us head-on!"

Venom is also nodded.

"Yes, as long as we can get No.1 and No.2 star energy stone, the initiative is in our hands."

Mask looks around for a week, solemnly asked.

"Who will be in the next game?"

Several people fell silent again, and the opponent in the next game is still Demon Puppet.

Although Demon Puppet was destroyed by its original body and its battle strength was weakened, the threat posed by plasma bombs still exists. After witnessing the fireworks that Demon Puppet used half of his body to bloom , No one can be sure that Demon Puppet will make another shot.

Masked eyes suddenly fell on the puppet. The most powerful toxic touch of venom is of no use to Demon Puppet. The melee of blood crocodile is most afraid of Demon Puppet’s plasma bomb, Archlight He was also seriously injured, only he and the puppets were barely able to deal with the explosion of the plasma bomb.

"Are you coming or me?" Ghost Face asked.

The puppet's face was gloomy, and after weighing it for a while, it was still nodded.

"I'm coming!"

If you want to share a piece of the pie in this feast of dividing star energy stone, you must come up with enough strength to fight the opponent. In the field, this is the tacit understanding and unwritten rules of a few people teaming up. Compared with the other Peak third rank, Demon Puppet has just replaced with a brand new body. Obviously, it is the most suitable opponent.

The puppet walked slowly into the arena, and was not in a hurry to pick the star energy ston

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