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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 103

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 103

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The violent thunder and lightning slowly dissipated, and the zi zi rattling lightning snake spread to all around along the metal ground.

The two silhouettes wrapped in thunder and lightning finally appeared in the sight of others.

Only seeing Archlight one-knee kneels, the whole body was scorched, and the white arc in his pupils had been completely extinguished. He closed his eyes, and scarlet bloodstains flowed from the seven orifices.

The hulk, which turned back into a human form, lay on the ground behind Archlight, also scorched and unclear.

perish together?

Or both sides suffer?

Qi Yuan held his breath subconsciously. Although he no longer wanted to join the Wolf's Fang hunting team, the Wolf's Fang hunting team helped him a lot. The team members get along very well, and they are one of the few friends who have entered the new era.

In any case, Qi Yuan didn't want to see Li just die in front of him.


Luan screamed, waved the steel rose, and rushed directly into the arena. Xiao Hei and Lizi follow closely from behind, He Peng was seriously injured and dying. If there is another accident, the Wolf's Fang hunting team will disperse.

Archlight stood up slowly, and several direct descendants from Pine City, esper, also rushed over quickly.

Luan ignored the other party’s alert, skipped Archlight directly, rushed to Li’s side, injected him with a panthera potion, and then tremblingly extended the hand finger and tried his breath.

After confirming that Li is still breathing, Luan's heart that has been hanging, slowly let go.

Luan raised her head and stared at Archlight, her eyes full of bitter hatred.

Although Li has recovered a life, he has been in a coma. Under such a terrifying explosion, it is difficult to say whether there will be any serious repercussions.

Several Pine City esper guards Archlight behind them vigilantly to guard against Luan's outbreak.

Lu is defeated, Archlight is defeated!

Compared with the bet of this battle, the physical condition of the two is more touching.

cough cough!

Archlight coughed a few times, spit out a mouthful of scorched blood, and after a few short breaths, his breathing slowly calmed down.

Archlight's eyes are still closed, but it seems that "saw" has reached Luan's gaze.

"You should feel lucky, he survived after all. This is a fair duel. If you want to avenge him, you can find me at any time!"

, Archlight slowly left the arena with the support of a few confidantes. Although he only won one game, he was injured too badly, and he had no more energy to continue fighting.

"Not even dead!" Venom narrowed his eyes and looked at the two people who had exited at the same time.

"A fluke or something else?"

After Ghost Face was silent for a while, he gently shook the head, a

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