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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 111

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 111

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A bloody thunderbolt strikes a shatter void, and the long knife in Venom’s hand comes out of the hole like a poisonous snake. When Qi Yuan swings the knife to resist, there is a sudden drift. The dark green venom blade bypasses the Decapitator and cuts straight. Killed on Qi Yuan's right arm.


The long knife and the body made a clanging sound, and the venom eyes light flashed. I was a little surprised by Qi Yuan's steel-like defense, but not too panic. .

The Venom's wrist pressed, and then suddenly twitched, the long blade cut Qi Yuan's arm along the way, pulling out a straight wound.

Compared with the poison mist dispersed in the air, the toxin smeared on the blade is truly powerful. This was originally a killing move for the sickle, and it was enough to erode the powerful physique of the Peak third rank. , A powerful toxin that makes anti-Poison Blood clear.

For the wound on his body, Qi Yuan didn't even see it. Taking advantage of the opportunity, the Decapitator in his hand cut across the same knife, leaving a scarlet blood line on Venom's chest.

The venom took a few steps back, his muscles squirmed, and quickly sealed the wound on his chest. No drop of blood flowed out. He glanced at the wound on Qi Yuan's right arm. The wound was also closed, and no trace of blood flowed out.

Blocking Poison Blood will only make you die faster!

The venom is coldly snorted, and at the same time slows down the attack speed in his hands. He is waiting for Qi Yuan’s toxin to attack. When the toxin invades the body, Qi Yuan will naturally become the flesh on the nail plate. Butcher.

Qi Yuan brandished the Decapitator and continued to attack without expression, but also unable to break through the venom's defense.

Compared to the battle between Li and Archlight, the fighting between the two is much smaller, but the clanging sound of the collision made the surrounding bystanders horrified. Qi Yuan's melee strength has already Standing on the third rank Peak.

Whether it is power, speed or defense, it is the same!

"The venom is waiting for the toxin in Qi Yuan's body to attack!" Demon Puppet said suddenly.

As the old rival of Venom, Demon Puppet saw through the reason why Venom changed its tactics at a glance.

Demon Puppet waited for a while, but found that the scorpion didn't respond to him, but frowns, staring at the two fighting fiercely on the field, with some doubts in his eyes.

"What did you find?" Demon Puppet asked.

"Wait a minute, you will find out."

The scorpion shook the head and did not answer Demon Puppet’s question, although Li and he hinted that Qi Yuan could be immune to the poisonous venom. Touch, but Qi Yuan is just a flesh and blood after all.

Venom has also been famous for many years, poisoning many third rank powerhouses.

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