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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 19

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 19

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The roar of the hydraulic press signaled the beginning of a new day.

After washing, Qi Yuan looked at himself in the mirror. He was obviously thinner than before, but his eyes were much more energetic. The lines on his cheeks were not soft, but rather clever, plus a circle. The shredded stubble filled the entire face with male hormones.

If it were placed in the old age, this face's appearance is quite good!

Unfortunately, this is a new era.

"The hunt has begun!"

Qi Yuan said to himself in the mirror.

After checking the items he carried with him, Qi Yuan opened the door and went to the scheduled meeting point.

Three trucks covered with gray-green canvas formed a triangle and parked randomly at the door of Black Stone Town.

Xu Kui stood in the center, waiting for the arrival of people.

More than a dozen wilderness hunters armed with various weapons have been waiting near the truck, together with Xu Kui's confidants.

Lu Han is squatting on the ground and smoking a cigarette. There are two flying eagle-Ⅱ revolvers hanging from the left to the right of his waist. He exudes an aura that strangers should not enter.

The burly Luo Kui, wearing a pair of sunglasses, stands about one meter behind Xu Kui, standing with his hands behind him.

There are also more than a dozen warriors wearing helmets and uniform combat uniforms, all of which are elite warriors of Xu Kui's direct line.

Compared with this group of meticulous, elite warriors, the wild hunters scattered around the periphery are like the difference between bandits and regular troops.

With the arrival of Qi Yuan, several wilderness hunters moved their eyes slightly and moved closer.

Although Qi Yuan doesn't have much overlap with them, the scene in the tavern has already made him famous.

A black clothed wilderness hunter with a dagger hanging around his waist greeted him actively.

"Qi Yuan, I am Viper, these two are butchers and Scarface respectively. We have decided to join forces this time to clear the mine. Are you interested in joining together!"

The butcher and Scarface looked over at the same time, with a trace of goodwill and a trace of scrutiny in their eyes. Although not too enthusiastic, kindness was originally a luxury for the wilderness hunters who walked in the wilderness all year round.

If Qi Yuan hadn't shown strong defensive ability, this trace of kindness might become a defensive.

There are a variety of powerful insect beasts hidden in the mine. A powerful meat shield can work together to reduce many unnecessary dangers.

Qi Yuan's gaze swept across the three of them, Viper the name speaks for itself, although there was a smile on his face, Qi Yuan still felt a faintly discernable gloomy and cold aura from him.

Scarface’s equipment is the most complete. Not on

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