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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 32

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 32

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At night, the burning pile of corpses outside the town will not go out for a long time, and Black Stone Town has ushered in the quietest night in the past five years.

Two consecutive battles caused Black Stone Town to be injured in the bones. Although Qi Yuan played a quadruple kill against Crescent Town’s Second Rank transcender and forced back the opponent’s attack, Black Stone Town The number of casualties still reached 272, and the number of injuries was even more terrifying. Almost everyone was wounded.

After this battle, Qi Yuan and Si Tu did not meet each other tacitly. Si Tu commanded the remaining warrior and hunters and began to rebuild the collapsed house in Black Stone Town, while Qi Yuan stayed alone in the room Alone, except for Hu Hao who came to chat for a while that night, only Luo Eleven came here and took Grim Reaper with the damaged scope away for repairs.

In the morning of 2nd day, Qi Yuan put down the towel and looked at himself in the mirror after finishing washing.

The two bullet holes left by the ghost gun have been crusted. With a gentle rub, the scar disappeared. The new skin was slightly pale, with almost no signs of injury.

"Recovered well."

Qi Yuan touched the wound on the back of the neck, and there are also no traces of it. After possessing Steel Defense and the power of steel, the body heals itself. The speed seems to be a bit faster again.

After that, Qi Yuan felt the extraordinary power in his body and quietly relaxed.

The extraordinary power that was consumed by Annihilation Warhead in the battle yesterday, after a full meal of last night and a rest of the night, it has refilled again.

"Qi Yuan, open the door!"

Master Luo's weakness came from outside the door with a somewhat wretched voice.

Qi Yuan paused, opened the door and saw Master Luo standing outside the door with a wooden food container in his hand.

"hehe! Knowing that you should be hungry, I brought you something good!" Master Luo raised the food box and said.

Qi Yuan's nose moved slightly, and he smelled a strong scent, as well as a scent of cumin.

"It smells very fragrant, it should taste good!"

"This is the hind leg of the rock lizard you killed!" Master Luo mysterious said :

"I baked this thing one night last night, and I also added some mysterious seasonings to it, which are all good things brought by hunters from other places!"

Master Luo came in carrying the food box, put the things on the table in the room, and sat down in a chair by himself.

Open the food box. Inside, there is a large plate of roasted meat that is browned after the knife has been removed, and a layer of powder-like seasoning is sprinkled on it.

Take out the barbecue, Master Luo took out two palm-size tin kettles from the food box, unscrewed the lid, and the rich aroma o

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