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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 40

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 40

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The fur of the black-toothed rat was unable to form any obstacle to the energy weapon in Jia Tao's hand, and soon an adult black-toothed rat was dismembered into dozens of pieces of different sizes of meat.

The special effects of Jia Tao's energy weapons are obviously high-temperature grilling and the like, so the cuts of the meat are burnt black, without a drop of blood dripping.

The air is filled with the smell of barbecue.

Qi Yuan's nose twitched slightly, and suddenly he missed the barbecue!

Jia Tao dissipated the energy weapons, picked up a few pieces of skull-sized pieces of meat with his mechanical arm, and threw them into the swamp, splashing a large amount of silt.

The dropped impact tore through the high-temperature grilled incision, and wisps of blood overflowed from the charred cracks and quickly spread out into the swamp.

The swamp came alive again.

Swamp crocodile lurking under the silt smelled the breath of blood, and quickly leaned towards the broken black tooth, and then swallowed the meat into the abdomen in one bite.

The swamp crocodile was obviously not wary of the food that fell into the swamp. The few pieces of meat thrown out were quickly swallowed by the swamp crocodile. Two swamp crocodile even fought for food.

After waiting for two minutes, when the swamp became quiet, Jia Tao once again threw a few pieces of black toothed rat meat into the swamp.

This time, the reaction of the swamp crocodile was obviously much slower, and it took a while before the swamp crocodile swam from farther deep in the swamp and swallowed the food that fell into the mud of the swamp.

After losing three waves of flesh and blood in a row, Nie Xiu signaled Jia Tao to stop.

Nie Xiu took out the insect beast detector and started the observation again. The blue light spots in the Central Region on the screen seemed to be empty, and only four blue and one green light spots were still flashing in the Central Region.

"VCP-Ⅱ biopharmaceuticals have a good effect! It is indeed a product developed by the biological and mechanical laboratory." Nie Xiu's mouth slightly raised.

"The nearby swamp crocodile is dead, we continue to go deep inside!"

Jia Tao silently threw the remaining meat into the bag, Mud is not the sea after all, and the breath of blood cannot attract swamp crocodiles farther away. If you want to poison them, you can only go deep and continue to poison them.

Nie Xiu walked to the edge of the swamp and squatted down, and saw his palms touching the ground. The originally thick and muddy swamp mud slowly creeped, as if there was life, extending from the place where Nie Xiu squatted. A dirt trail with a width of nearly one foot floating on the marsh water surface spreads all the way to a marshy island tens of meters away.

"Does the elemental dom

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