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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 26

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 26

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The angry Si Tu shouting loudly.

A youngster with a small shaved inch and two daggers carried two daggers. He cut the entangled black-toothed rat by a knife and ran over quickly.

"The leader!"

Yi Shoulong's eyes were calm, and he couldn't see that he had killed several fallen black-toothed rats in just one minute. .

As a direct subordinate of Si Tu, although Yi Shoulong also has the extraordinary ability of combat domain, his real core ability is not combat domain, but mysterious domain!

"Lock Xu Kui's position, I want to kill him!"

The lava-like anger surged in Si Tu's eyes, and the appearance of the fallen black-toothed rat would definitely give Black Stone Town has brought huge casualties. This gathering point may even be destroyed. For others, it may just be another gathering point, but for Si Tu, it is not only Black Stone Town that is lost, but also There are two blackstone mines!

That is the capital for him to step into the third rank in the future, and even higher ranks!

Yi Shoulong's eyes suddenly became hollow. He glanced around with hollow eyes, and suddenly locked his eyes on a small building not far away.

"There!" Yi Shoulong said, pointing to the room on the second floor of the small building.

Si Tu drew the shattered skull from his waist. This mechanical weapon that is coveted by all wilderness hunters in Black Stone Town, but full of fear, is particularly hideous in Si Tu's hands.

The ferocious black barrel with a terrifying caliber of over 15mm brings strong lethality and at the same time a powerful recoil comparable to Grim Reaper. The entire Black Stone Town is capable of using this shattered skull. The number of people will not exceed one hand.

If an ordinary person shoots forcibly, it will only shatter his shoulders.

The shattered skull is coupled with the armor piercing bullets made by Master Luo, so that Si Tu can do one shot against most Second Rank transcenders.

Si Tu began to accelerate towards the small building where Xu Kui was hiding. When he stepped on the ground each step, he would leave a circle of broken cracks on the ground, and his running speed suddenly increased. After five steps, Si Tu’s The sprint speed reached forty yards, and the whole person was like a heavy armored car running away, ruthlessly crushing everything on the way forward.

When Si Tu approached the small building, a black-toothed mouse suddenly rushed over. Si Tu did not evade, stepped on the black-toothed head with one foot and stomped it into the ground. His head shattered like a watermelon, half of his body was stepped into the ground, and the black blood splashed like a waterfall.

With the power of stepping, Si Tu sprinted suddenly, and the whole person jumped up like a cannonball, surpassed a distance of more than ten meters out

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