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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 39

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 39

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After the temporary alliance was reached, apart from Jia Tao who still had obvious enemy accidents, the other two did not resist Qi Yuan's joining.

Nie Xiu took out a pocket watch-like instrument from his pocket and said:

"This is an insect beast detector. Although it has no battle strength, it can detect a certain range of insects. beast."

With a light press, an invisible wave spread out. After a few seconds, a densely packed blue spot appeared on the display of the insect beast detector. There is a faint green light flashing in the Central Region.

The complexions of the four of them suddenly became difficult to look at.

"Just the number of blue spots in the detection range is nearly forty, how come there are so many swamp crocodiles!"

Jia Tao's face is a little pale, a blue The colored spots represent a Second Rank insect beast. There are nearly forty blue spots densely packed on the detector, which means that the number of insect beasts is ten times the number of them.

Don't say that a few people are only Second Rank, even a third-rank hunter squad, it is impossible to kill so many swamp crocodiles head-on.

"Although the swamp crocodile is the Second Rank insect beast, but so many swamp crocodile gathered together, it is more difficult to deal with than a group of third rank insect beast, this kind of difficult task is rated at least C-Rank or even C+, but the rating of the task we accepted turned out to be only C-, I think we should give up this task!"

Neither Snake Ghost nor Sun Ye spoke, but at the same time turned their eyes to Nie Xiu, it seems Waiting for his decision.

Nie Xiu is also the Second Rank, but his strength is the strongest among the four, and there is a faint sign of becoming the leader of this temporary team.

Nie Xiu silently looked at the light spot on the insect beast detector, suddenly turned his head and glanced at Grim Reaper, and finally set his gaze on Qi Yuan.

"Didn't expect Brother Qi is still First Rank, so he can hunt Second Rank insect beast alone!"

First Rank!

Jia Tao was taken aback for a moment, only to discover that there was a green view symbolizing First Rank on the display of the insect beast detector. His gaze towards Qi Yuan was like looking at a dead person.

A First Rank dare to participate in the task of clearing the swamp, and I am afraid it is not going in and stuffing the teeth of the swamp crocodile inside!

"I have it!" Qi Yuan patted Grim Reaper.

"Grim Reaper's formidable power is really good!"

Nie Xiu slightly nodded, as long as it can hold Grim Reaper's powerful recoil, the First Rank can completely kill the Second Rank insect beast.

It's just that it is not easy for First Rank transcender to hold Grim Reaper's recoil. First Rank's strength enhancement and defense enhancement are the stand

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