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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 54

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 54

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Steel War Chariot, Hunter Guild.

"Hand in task."

Qi Yuan took out the hunter medal and the insect beast detector and gave them to the staff of Hunter Guild.

The one who received Qi Yuan was a black clothed girl who was less than twenty years old. He glanced at Qi Yuan's medal, C-Rank authority, and suddenly looked suspicious.

She has already memorized all C-Rank hunter information of Steel War Chariot, but none of them can correspond to the youngster in front of her.

"Please wait a moment!"

The black clothed girl is holding Qi Yuan's medal and is going to find someone to verify it.

Although the Hunter Guild has always strictly prohibited the use of other people’s identities, it cannot completely eliminate the existence of this phenomenon. In order to obtain rewards for tasks, some people even intercept and kill other hunters by using the other’s Medal and insect beast detector to receive task rewards.

Soon the black clothed girl returned with the medal.

The information has been checked, and the suspicion in her eyes has turned into surprise.

I have no problem with my identity. I am indeed a C-Rank hunter from yesterday's genius evaluation, and he is also a have boundless prospects, a very young C-Rank hunter.

"Mr. Abyss, your task has been verified and confirmed to be completed. May I ask whether you need cash for the task reward or directly credited to your personal account."

Hunter Guild location It is spread all over the Blue Sea Star and has always maintained a good reputation. Therefore, the Hunter Guild has established a complete payment system, which binds the hunter medal of personal iris information. In addition to identifying the identity, it can also have a bank card similar to the old era. Function, you can save and pay.

Although this task is very difficult, the rewards are not cheap, with a full monetary reward of 60,000 yuan, and six privilege points, which fully reaches the highest reward level of the C-Rank task.

Sixty thousand yuan in cash is inconvenient to carry around, and it is easy to be targeted by others. Qi Yuan thought about it, and finally decided to transfer it to his personal account.

"Transfer the money into Jia Tao's account with 10,000 yuan, and deposit the rest into my personal account!"

Qi Yuan left a few thousand dollars in cash and put him on The remaining tens of thousands of dollars were all taken out and deposited into his personal account.

After the black clothed girl deposited all Qi Yuan's cash and mission rewards into her personal account, she respectfully returned the Hunter Medal to Qi Yuan.

"Mr. Abyss, this is your medal, please keep it."

"Thank you!" Qi Yuan took the medal and turned away.

After Qi Yuan left, a green-clothed girl suddenly ran over, got to the black clothed girl and smiled

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