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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 10

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 10

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Mouse black teeth as insect beast, also has the unique ability to control soil extraordinary, although they can not bring a strong battle strength, but with its claws, dig fast speed, longer than five hundred meters of underground caves, a black rat teeth only need two hours to dig through, and does not accumulate sediment.

Qi Yuan Telescope holding old mine silently watching the movement direction, two hours after, tight defense mined finally with a trace of change.

"! A chance to"

Qi Yuan expression congeals, eyeing the half-human feet high mined, chuckled: "did not expect I would have drilled mouse one day hole! "

found that black rat teeth have to dig through the mine after a cave, Qi Yuan did not enter immediately, but waiting for the mine guards to relax vigilance.

mine entrance.

a miner drilling from being mined out, panic said: "Report Executive, there have been mined inside a black rat teeth!"

"black tooth rats! "Hu Hao hearing this frowned.

strength mice typically black teeth, such as by at the outside of a fully armed warrior can be solved completely separate, but underground mine tangled and complicated, and black Bandicota fast, and burrowing hard to kill.

If you do not care, letting the black rat teeth raging in the mine, miners and easy to affect mining, once black rat tooth saw blood, offensive will become very strong, and even attack humans.

Another abandoned mine, in addition to that a few entrenched deep mine head shadow lizard, that a group of black blood met Bandicota also a powerful obstacle.

thought for a moment, Hu Hao continue to ask:

"There are no black Bandicota disturb the other end to the inside of the rock lizard!"

"no. "

Hu Hao slightly relaxed, but fortunately did not stir up chaos.

There has been presence of a deep mine rock lizard, which includes the head with a rock by a lizard First Rank defense capabilities, including a variety of First Rank, although not among the lizard shadow another mine so powerful, but also a very formidable insect beast, throughout the Black Stone Town too few people will be able to kill it, unless the lure outside the mine, with heavy weapons attacks.

Fortunately, rock lizard's offensive is not too strong in the food is sufficient, as long as it does not break into the territory, rock lizard will not usually hunt.

In order to avoid riots rock lizard, every five days someone to the depths of the cave rock lizard feeding flesh, the two sides have been at peace a year's time.

After thinking for a while, Hu Hao quickly with a decision.

"I went to solve the black rat teeth, you hold mine, do not allow anyone near, no matter who, as long as close to immediately kill!"


command is issued, warrior around quickly filed a spirit, who dare not any

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