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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 5

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Mechanical Flesh Chapter 5

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After entering Black Stone Town, Qi Yuan quickly moved to the sign-in point marked in his consciousness.

As expected, this check-in point is not a place that can be approached at will. The check-in point is located in Si Tu residence, and it is not above the ground, but underground.

Si Tu dug an underground secret room under his residence!

Qi Yuan glanced at Si Tu's residence from a distance, then turned and left.

With Qi Yuan's current strength, the sign-in difficulty of this sign-in point is max!

Not to mention that Si Tu himself has multiple Second Rank abilities, even his subordinates are also very powerful, at least not a First Rank Steel Defense can handle.

Since I can’t force it, I can only think of a solution slowly.

Qi Yuan touched the spoils of war on his body and walked to the nearby acquisition point.

Black Stone Town has many places where weapons and insect beast materials can be purchased. The biggest purchase point is naturally occupied by the people of Si Tu. Although sometimes they are deliberately deducted, they never show up. Too black to eat black, so Qi Yuan also chose to exchange the item in his hand at the acquisition point under Si Tu.

When I came to the acquisition site, there were already several wilderness hunters in the exchange. Although the bids of other acquisition sites may be higher, the risk is also too high.

An old man wrapped in a greasy green coat with puffy eye bags and only a few sparse hairs left on his head lay on an Imperial Tutor chair, squeezed a wild hunter’s prey, and said disdainfully To: "The fur of this black-toothed rat is too badly damaged, and its tail is broken. It can only be worth two hundred yuan at most!" It's fair, and there are some things that can only be purchased here, such as the bullets that are added.

"Master Luo, I want to buy two armor piercing bullets!" The hunter respectfully said, not angry at the old man's disdain, but with a hint of flattery.

"Two armor piercing bullets?" The old man did not open his eyes, and said directly: "You don't have enough money!" He took out an iron jug, unscrewed the cap, and handed it respectfully to the old man.

"Master Luo, this is a good thing I brought back from Quicksand Sanctuary, you can taste it!"

The old man's nose moved slightly, and he smelled a strong smell The smell of wine, the puffy eyelids opened a gap, and he glanced at the hip flask in the hunter's hand, which was nodded.

"Today, we make an exception to give you two armor piercing bullets, but next time the prey, if it is the black tooth rat this thing, don't even think about getting armor piercing bullets." The old man said weakly.

A silent bald man next to him took out a dry wooden box and handed it to the hunter.

The hunter is nodded. If you break two armor piercing bombs, if y

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