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westcorphotels > I Can Not Cultivate Immortality, I Have To Cultivate My Soul Pet > I Can Not Cultivate Immortality, I Have To Cultivate My Soul Pet Chapter 291

I Can Not Cultivate Immortality, I Have To Cultivate My Soul Pet Chapter 291

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Chapter 291

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Roan Lancephil frowned.

He shook his head looking at Kalian.

"I think I know something wrong. Again, I have lost my life as a spearman in my last life,

When the horse reached there.

"It's you who is wrong."

Kalian shook her hand as if she did not want to haggle.

He extended the Grand Commander's Baton forward.

"Look at the memories of Tempestas yourself because it's annoying to explain."

I had a strange smile on my mouth.

"If you can understand it all."


Roan shed a low penetration.

The golden Tempestas gleamed in the light.

He nodded slowly.

"All right, I'll see for myself."

"You'll need quite a lot of mana."

Kalian laughed and handed Grand Commander's Baton.

Roan sat down and took a breath.


A little nervous expression.

He lifted mana with a short breath.

The mighty fire-mana swung all over the body and flowed into Tempestas.



A bright light came out from Tempestas.

At the same time, a curious flow of air flowed in front of Roan's eyes.


Lips were pinched and low elasticity came out.

The landscape in front of me changed as if I waited.

Eventually he entered the memory of Tempestas.

"It'll be pretty fun."

Kalian, who was watching, laughed and laughed.

"I'll have a cup of tea, too."

Now is the time to wait.

Kalian paced with a hum.

* * *

"Good morning."

"Thanks to your care, the streets were clean."

"Thank you for helping children study."

The citizens of Amaranth Kingdom's Royal Capital Mediasis cast their heads with a bright face.

Everyone is really thankful and happy.

"If you need help, always tell me."

The person who responded to the greetings of the people was Swift Clark Viscount, the administrator of the Amaranth Kingdom.

He did not forget to carefully examine the castle and listen to the stories of the citizens even in the greatest amount of work.

"Are you checking the magic lamp installation thoroughly?"

"Yes, the installation is now underway not only in the Mediasis castle, but also in the main roads leading to the nearby castles."

Swift's answer was quickly answered by Hines, an administrator of the administration and an assistant to Swift.

Swift nodded with a satisfied expression and looked closely at the surroundings.


There was a scene that caught his attention.

There were several people sitting in front of a small mausoleum located on the outskirts of the castle.

The composition also varied.

It is gathered together regardless of age and sex.

Among them, the young children gathered together and looked at the same place.

At the end of the children's eyes, there was a young man sitting on the ground and reading a palm-sized book like the citizens.

"That young ma

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