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westcorphotels > Eternal Reverence > Chapter 825: Nine Illusions Hidden Domain

Chapter 825: Nine Illusions Hidden Domain

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Chapter 825: Nine Illusions Hidden Domain

Translator: jinzeffect

After walking out of the mayor’s residence, Li Fuchen headed for the eastern gate of the town.

Once he was near the eastern gate, a group of dead people obstructed him.

“Anyone who leaves the town must die!” One of the dead people said in an ice-cold voice.

“The town only has dead people, how can they die a second time?” Li Fuchen responded.

“Anyone who leaves the town must die!” The opposition didn’t explain and merely repeated what was said earlier.

Li Fuchen was in contemplation. The actions of these dead people were too irregular as though someone was controlling them from behind.

“My apologies.” Li Fuchen drew the Autumn Rain Sword and rushed forward.

Cling Cling Clang Clang…

These dead people had weapons too. They drew their weapons and fought against Li Fuchen.

There was something very strange. Be it Li Fuchen or these dead people, they couldn’t use extraordinary power and could only use fundamental combat skills.

Li Fuchen reckoned it was due to the law of this illusion domain’s town. Since all people here were ordinary people, the use of extraordinary power was prohibited.

It was fortunate that Li Fuchen didn’t have any weaknesses. Even his fundamental combat skills were superior. After seven to eight moves, all the dead people had fallen and blood drenched the ground.


Groups of dead people rushed over.

“The numbers are too much, I have to break out quickly.”

Without extraordinary power, even if Li Fuchen was formidable, he couldn’t defeat so many. He had a feeling if he was slashed even once, he would be injured or might even die.

This was the terror of the illusion domain’s law.

Like a fish, Li Fuchen shuttled between the dead people and was always able to avoid the fatal strike.

When this scene was witnessed by someone, the person was very astonished.

Just as Li Fuchen was reaching the vicinity of the eastern gate, a person obstructed the way.

“It seems like everything before is a hoax.”

The person was none other than the Bitter Cliff Saint.

The Bitter Cliff Saint asked in a curious tone, “It is very strange. Why are you still so formidable in a town made for ordinary people?”

In this town, it was already praiseworthy to be able to fight against ten, but Li Fuchen was simply fighting against a hundred.

Most importantly, Li Fuchen had overwhelming observation skills. This town didn’t allow any use of extraordinary power and spiritual awareness was also considered a kind of extraordinary power.

How could the Bitter Cliff Saint know that Li Fuchen had fearsome spirit soul power.

In terms of aptitude, Li Fuchen’s spirit soul was superior to heaven lords, therefore, he could still use it in this ordinary town.

“I too feel very strange. Why did you deceive me?” Li Fuchen sized up the Bitter Cliff Saint.

The Bitter Cliff

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