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westcorphotels > The Indifferent Young Master\'s Flash Marriage > Chapter 1068 - He Hated It Most When People Touched Him!

Chapter 1068 - He Hated It Most When People Touched Him!

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Chapter 1068: He Hated It Most When People Touched Him!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Following that exclamation, almost the entire cla.s.s temporarily forgot about Ye Linlang’s inappropriate magazine, and they all looked towards the cla.s.s entrance.

Even the homeroom teacher who originally had a sullen expression couldn’t help but turn her head around.

She saw a tall and slender youth standing at the cla.s.s entrance of grade one Cla.s.s A.

There was a bit of laziness between his brows, as if he hadn’t woken up yet. But as long as he stood there, it was as if he was possessed by a spotlight, causing people to involuntarily follow his figure.

He was a very good-looking youth.

Unlike Jiang Qiran’s cold and handsome appearance, this youth’s appearance was a little too demonic.

His facial features were more gentle. His lips were red and thin, and his nose was straight and tall.. Fortunately, his outline was very deep, and his entire person was not feminine at all.

This youth who was called young master Yin was really too beautiful!

Even Ye Linlang’s gaze was unconsciously attracted to him, especially his pair of peach blossom eyes, which were raised high towards his eyebrows.

No matter where one looked, it was as if he was looking back mischievously. He was unruly and intoxicating, making one’s cheeks burn.

Moreover, there was a reason this youth was extremely eye-catching. Ling Yun High School explicitly forbade students for not wearing school uniforms from Monday to Friday.

Wait a minute! He didn’t seem to be wearing his school uniform.

Ye Linlang realized this and immediately frowned.

This so-called young master Yin in front of her not only wore a baggy short-sleeved s.h.i.+rt and a pair of 70-cent pants, but there was also a dazzling l.u.s.ter on the tip of his ears. It was actually a diamond piercing!

This was simply an even bigger crime!

Could it be that Ling Yun High School didn’t care about it?

To think that the student council president, Gu Yichen, was still holding on to her and Miaomiao. Look at this Young master Yin, his crime was far more serious than hers and Miaomiao’s.

Just as Ye Linlang was cursing in her heart, the voices of the fangirls around her rose and fell.

“Ah Ah Ah, young master Yin is in cla.s.s. I’m so excited! I heard from the teachers in the junior high school department that young master Yin hardly ever comes to cla.s.s!”

“Oh my G.o.d, it’s really young master Yin!”

“Ah, is young master Yin looking at me? I feel so dizzy. I feel like my nose is going to bleed. What should I do?”

“Hey, don’t be infatuated, young master Yin is clearly looking at me!”

Ye Linlang’s mouth twitched speechlessly.

Was there a need to be so excited?

It seemed exaggerated.

Ye Linlang glanced at the homeroom teacher and glanced at the magazine that she was still holding in her hand.

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