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westcorphotels > In The Naruto World With An Mp3 Player- Lyrical Fighting Style > 12 The Weird Young Woman With No Emotion!!! The End Of The First Day.....

12 The Weird Young Woman With No Emotion!!! The End Of The First Day.....

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For the first time since he arrived in this world, Hans actually got hurt. It wasnt anything major as he knew he wasn't indestructible, but it still surprised him when he fell through the roof and landed on the floor, his back slamming into the ground.

Hans lay there for a few seconds, letting the small pain in his back fade before rising up, readjusting the headphones that had fallen off his head and now hung around his neck. He dusted off the seat if his pants and sighed a little.

"Well, that was rather stupid," Hans said as he ran his fingers through his pitch black hair. "I probably should have came up with another solution before I broke the roof." He glanced upwards at the brand new skylight he had just put in the ceiling. It was only after he checked his body for injuries that he actually took a look at his surroundings.

He had landed inside of a bedroom, and from the looks of it, one that was currently occupied by a woman. The neatly folded clithes in the corner of the room, the smell of perfume in the air, and the various pictures on top of the dresser were all the evidence he needed.

He was just about to leave after taking a quicj glance when he heard a click followed by the sound of a doorknob turning. Spinning around on his heels, he turned around just in time to see a 17- 18 year old girl emerge wrapped in a bright green bath towel.

The woman, who had a head of bright blonde hair, stopped afted taking a few steps, her dark purple eyes fixated on Hans. She didn't scream, attack, or even speak, she merely stood there and stared at him, occasionally blinking. Her expression was completely emotionless, not a trace of confusion of anger anywhere on her face, not even her eyes displayed any hints of life.

After about a minute of staring, the young woman finally spoke, a sort of dull abd unconcerned voice coming out of her mouth. "Did you break my roof?" Was the only thing she said, her head tilting to the side, her face retaining the deadpan expression.

Hans, though having tons of experience with women even though he was 13, wasn't sure on how to respond. Usually, even without music, his sense of observation was so great that he could tell a persons mood by looking at their face and body language. Even if they tried to hide their emotions, the eyes would always give them away.

However, this young woman didnt have anything, as if she was a blank sheet of paper, not a scrap of emotion showed. Her eyes were dull and lacking light with no hints of anger, embarassment, or worry, and her body that was wrapped in a towel was also unreadable (although he did note that she had quite the nice figure).

"Yeah," Hans said, answering her question. "I apologize for breaking your roof, and I promise to pay for it in due time." He gave a slight bow without taking his eyes off the young woman. He didn't want to miss anything in case her expression changed.

"Well, as long as you leave and pay for it later then I guess it ok

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