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13 Figh

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when i come back, i saw that madame B and Natasha were looking at me like im a weird animal.

Madame B: how did you disappear and reappear just like that?

Haruto: you could say that i have teleportation ability, so i teleport to my parents to save them. But there's a little problem

Natasha: what problem?

Haruto: they ask me to turn madame B over to them, then they will make sure that my parents will be fine

Madame B: so, you accept their demand dont you? *as she pulls out her pistol*

Haruto: *hands up* i dont want to have a conflict with you, i know you have a good relationship with my parents, so i hope we can talk this out

Madame B: there's no need for talk, you traitor *fires her gun*

Haruto: (shit, looks like gotta use some force) *while trying to dodge*

even if i was fast i still couldnt dodge all of the bullets, so i try to make sure at least my vital parts wasnt hit.

a few bullets penetrated my hand and shoulders and the pain started to kick in. However, i keep dodging until my hand signs for substitution jutsu is finished, then i let one of the bullets hit. *poof* suddenly i turned into a pillow.

when Madame B was still confused, i her hard on the neck and she fainted.

thinking that its over and relaxing my vigilance. Natasha suddenly picked up the gun of madame B and pointed it at me.

Haruto: Nat, what are you doing?

Natasha: it should've been me who said that, why did you suddenly want to betray the motherland?

Haruto: *sighs* im not loyal to the soviet union because i know that they're going to disappear from this world and why should i be loyal to them when they send my parents to suicide mission.

Natasha: Its impossible...ho *i interrupt her*

Haruto: Nat, join me and stay here in America. i'll swear that here we could at least have a little bit of peace. I cant explain it but its dangerous if we stay at the soviet union, believe me.

Natasha: why should i trust you?

Haruto: ( why is she saying the same stuff like fury). well, you are the one who could judge whether im believable or not. But i know you will never fire that gun at me, so lets not waste time.

--a brief of silence--

Natasha: why? *as she puts down her gun*

Haruto: because i trust you

then i walked towards her and hold her hand while picking up madame b. after getting closer to her i could see there's a little tint of worry when she looks at my injury, a little bit of happines wells up. I guess getting a light injury once in a while doesnt seem bad

(looks like she doesnt get too much brainwashing in the red room yet, but still i should tell nick to rehabilitate her and see if there's anything ) while using hiraishin to teleport back to nick.

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