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westcorphotels > The Story of Living as I Please After Being Reincarnated in Another World with a Ridiculously Cheat Power > 34 Chapter 34: End Part 2

34 Chapter 34: End Part 2

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Mary died at age 55

She lived her life filled with affection, she was loved by a lot of people, and most people in the country mourned her death.

Kiki died at age 58

She was endeared by her grandchildren, she died happily.

Lulu died at age 65

I remember her humility, her continuous support in the house as the maid, she was family.

Emily died at age 72

In her late years, she jokingly said, "If i died, you won't have any good apple pies to eat", she laughed at the new woman in the house, and she suggested to have her daughter bake.

After she died, there were no more apple pies in my table.

Fatima died at age 90

I counseled my daughter who married, grandchildren and daughters who wedded to their husband's family well, and you always considered a home total and supported my house.


On my hundredth birthday, my grandchildren and great grandchildren came home and greeted me

I quietly told them

「My wives had died, my children died of early age too. I lived long enough in this world. I have no regrets. I will soon disappear in this world too.」

My grandchildren went abuzz when they heard me.

「It's goodbye then」

I casted space transport magic in the sky, I was sucked in by it.

My disappearance caused an uproar in Harold Kingdom, then I came to be revered as God of business


After using the space transport magic, I saw the same white room 80 years ago.

The gentleman greeted me.

「Thanks for the hard work, Fujiyama Shinsuke, no, should I call you Arc Demon instead?」

「Hahahaha, since I've lived longer as Arc Demon, Arc is better, God.」

The gentleman, no, God gave me a wry smile.

「As expected, you did notice it.」

「You said it right? MAX can be compared to God. Then? Did you enjoy watching my life?」

「Yeah, I was greatly entertained….that may be inconvenient, so let's make you young again」

When the gentleman lifted his ring finger, I returned to my twenty year old body.

「Fuu….It's been a while since I felt comfortable with this young body」

「By the way, why did you not use immortality on you and your girls, you do know you can do it right?」

「I don't want to insult how they live the lives they entrusted to me….and I want to live the same as the girls….I believe you saw through that.」

「I see, as expected Arc-sama, you're interesting」

「Then, what will happen to me now? Is it hell as expected?」

「Let's see….Since your life was interesting, I want to watch the continuation. Just like how I want to read the continuation of a manga.」

「Is that so?」

「It's a past time anyway. This time, you can choose where to reincarnate. Of course, you're free to choose your status.」

「Haha! That's the spirit…then, to meet the God's expectations, I will make the next life interesting and make sure you'll love it」

Thus, my story as Arc Demon went to a close, and I went

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