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Part 2

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A second thought went through my head-my sister might be all right.

This strange man may very well have saved my sister from being murdered, but I also didn't believe he was in my house for any good reason. He'd entered through a door which had been opened illegally, and he'd brought a gun into my house. No, the dead men must have wished us harm, but I suspected so did this man.

I didn't plan on standing around and waiting to see if he killed one of us. I needed to act.

Securing my grip around the knife, I edged forward. If he swung the gun on me, I'd be dead. If Nickie woke up and came out of her room, she'd die, too.

I needed to take this guy out before anything else happened, though I had no idea what I'd do with the two dead men on the floor afterward.

My breath was caught in my chest, too terrified to exhale in case the man heard me. Even my heartbeat sounded too loud, and I was amazed he couldn't hear it pounding, sending blood rus.h.i.+ng through my veins like a waterfall.

I wanted him dead, but something made me pause. These men had been sent after us, that much was clear, but by who? I could hazard what I believed would be a fairly accurate guess, but why had this guy killed the other two? He had either betrayed them for some reason, or else they hadn't been together at all and I had two separate groups of people after me.

Or after Nickie.

Each situation was as plausible as the other. I needed to know the truth if I was going to protect myself and my sister.

The only person who could possibly go some way to answering my questions was the a.s.shole I was currently stalking with my knife.

Chapter Six.


From my position in the bushes, I had watched the two men steal into the house. I found a strange amus.e.m.e.nt in them opening the back door in exactly the way I had planned. But I couldn't let them continue. I didn't know what they were doing, but from the fact I hadn't been warned about the possibility of their presence, I had to a.s.sume they hadn't been placed here by the man I was currently working for.

This caused me a problem. Yes, they might do my job for me, but they might also kill the sister, or do something even worse to her, which would be difficult for me to explain. It wouldn't go down well if I said I'd stood by and done nothing. There were some people you didn't want to p.i.s.s off in the world, and the man I was working for was one of them.

Plus, something about the idea of these strangers going into the tattooed woman's home and killing her while I stood out here twisted something deep inside me. I needed her to be dead, but I didn't like the thought of another man doing the job. I wanted that intimacy for myself, wanted to look into her eyes, touch her skin, inhale her scent. Yes, I'd promised myself it would be quick, and I'd have done it in her sleep so she wouldn't have had time to fight back, but now I discovered I wanted more. I wanted to experience just a

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