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Part 18

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I pulled him free and dropped to my knees. X had controlled everything the previous times we'd screwed, but I wanted to take charge this time. I was determined to discover the secret he was hiding. A story lay behind it, and I wanted to know.

I ran the tip of my nose down his shaft and back up again, inhaling the salty musk of him. He was so rawly masculine, and I loved that about him. On my knees, I looked up at him as I parted my lips and took him into my mouth. He stared back down at me, his full lips slack with l.u.s.t, his blue eyes a shade darker with want. I created suction and slid down his shaft as far as I could take him, the head hitting the back of my throat so I fought back a gag.

I bobbed back and forth, feeling him swell in my mouth. His hand on my head made me pause.

"Vee, you got to stop. I'm going to come."

I wanted him, wanted to taste him as he spilled his seed down my throat, but he pulled on my arm, trying to drag me to my feet again. I still wanted to see what lay beneath his s.h.i.+rt, not only because I wanted to learn his secret, but also because I was desperate to feel his skin against mine, to run my hands over the lines and ridges of his muscles. From everything I'd felt about X, he was fit and toned, and I knew the rest of his body would be as beautiful as he was.

I let his c.o.c.k pop from my mouth, and for him to pull me to my feet once more. He kissed me again, our tongues entwining, and the thought that he would be able to taste himself on my mouth sent a thrill through me, condensing in my p.u.s.s.y. My hands went to his s.h.i.+rt again, determined not to let him deter me this time.

I managed to slip a couple of the b.u.t.tons from their holes, but his hands found mine again, dragging them away.

"Vee, stop."

"Please, I want to see you."

He shook his head and stepped away from me. I felt bereft at the air between us, and stood, helpless, as he tucked his c.o.c.k back into his pants.

He turned back to me, his lips pressed together, his blue eyes searching my face. "No, you don't. I would horrify you."

"I thought you knew by now that it takes a lot to horrify me."

He seemed to think for a minute, his gaze casting away before coming back to me. "If you want to know, first of all you have to tell me what happened when you took your first life. Then I'll show you what I'm hiding."

It was a deal I was prepared to make. "Okay, but you show me first."

"It's been ten years since anyone has seen this."

I approached him again, and this time he didn't step away. "Just show me."

My hands went to the b.u.t.tons of his s.h.i.+rt again, and slowly, I undid them. His jaw was ridged with tension, his eyes never leaving my face. When I got to the final b.u.t.ton, I undid it then reached back up and pushed the s.h.i.+rt from his shoulders. The material slipped from his body and hit the floor.

I held in a gasp.

"Oh, X."

I hadn't wanted to have a reaction, h

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