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Part 16

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She took the key from me, and without saying a word, went to her room.

"Lock the door behind you," I called, but the door shut in my face.

I exhaled a long sigh and let myself into the room next door. I'd parked the car to one side, hoping it wouldn't be spotted from the road-not that anyone was likely to drive by.

In the bathroom, I carefully unstrapped the tape and gauze from around the wound in my arm, having to use my teeth in certain places. I winced at the sight of the wound. It was deep, but didn't look infected. The knife she'd used must have been clean, which was a small mercy. I repeated the process with my thigh. The cut looked deeper, but again I couldn't see any sign of infection. Both wounds could have done with some st.i.tches, but they were healing now. It didn't matter. It wasn't as though a few more scars would make any difference.

Standing naked, I heard a sound. From the other side of the wall came a thunder of water. Vee must have shared the same thought I had, and decided to take a shower.

I turned on my shower and stepped beneath the water.

As the water hit my naked shoulders, I couldn't help but think about Vee next door, only a thin dividing wall between us. Was she still in the shower, was.h.i.+ng away the grime from the day, and my dried s.e.m.e.n from between her thighs?

The thought made my c.o.c.k twitch and stiffen.

I tried to ignore it, but when I helped myself to some of the cheap shower gel the motel provided and began to soap myself, my hand automatically went down, foaming suds up in my pubic hair and then running the foam down the length of my c.o.c.k and back again. I grew harder under my administrations, the thought of Vee never far from my mind. I put my forearm of my free hand up against the tiled wall to support myself, my forehead rested right above it as my hand worked hard. The muscles in my bicep and forearm bunched, my a.s.s taut, as I worked the soap up and down my hard c.o.c.k. Tingling condensed from my b.a.l.l.s, right down to my a.s.shole. All I could see was Vee in the shower, naked, soap and water coursing down her beautiful body. I imagined her lifting her face to the water, her hands running over her b.r.e.a.s.t.s and then down, between her thighs. Was she thinking of me, too? Could she hear me in here? Did she have any idea of what I was doing? Was she even doing the same?

I didn't think I'd ever w.a.n.ked to the idea of a real woman before. Normally, I'd watch p.o.r.n or just think about f.u.c.king a nice tight p.u.s.s.y, or shoving my c.o.c.k between a big pair of t.i.ts until I got off. The idea of my fantasy now being an actual person who was right next door was alien to me, and I didn't know how it made me feel. I couldn't process, I only wanted to reach the climax, and only thoughts of Vee would allow me to do that. I'd never seen her naked, but my imagination was surprisingly fertile on that topic.

I remembered how she'd felt when I'd

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