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Part 15

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He took something out of his pocket and checked it. "So you figured out the tracker? According to this, you're still on the move."

I shrugged. "Wasn't so hard. You kept knowing when-" I caught myself. I'd almost said 'we." "When I stopped, and I knew I wasn't being followed. The tracker was the only plausible explanation."

"Smart. Shame you had to screw everything up and kill my men. I'm going to struggle to let that one go."

I scowled at him. "I don't care what you do with me. Release my sister, and I'll come with you."

"Not going to happen. Tell me what you did with my men."

I lifted my eyebrows. "You think I'm going to tell you anything when you have my sister?"

"How about you tell me, and I won't cut her pretty little t.i.ts off."

"Touch her and I'll ... I'll ..."

He laughed, and the sound made me want to slice him open and disembowel him. "You'll what? You're barely more than a kid yourself."

"And yet you sent two of your men after me, and here I am."

"And why have you come, just out of curiosity? You could have run."

"I love my sister. I didn't want her to go through this alone."

He gave a snide smile. "Yeah, family first, right? Well, you'll get to spend a little time together before we tell daddy-dearest that we have you both. Word is that your father actually wants you dead, and though I want to punish you for whatever you did to my men, I want to get to him first. You're going to testify against him, your own father. Jeesh, what's this world coming to?"

"He made me kill my mother," I said, trying to sound tough.

"Yeah, I heard that, too. You sure are some f.u.c.ked up kid." He shook his head at me. "The problem is, Verity, that you kind of screwed everything up. I didn't plan for things to go like this, and now I can't quite decide what to do with you. Normally, I'd just have you killed for taking down my guys, but I think that would only give your father what he wanted. Surely better to keep you alive and have the threat of your testifying hanging over his head."

"Why wouldn't I testify against you at the same time?" I snapped.

"Because you know I'd kill your sister."

"The police are going to know something is wrong if she isn't with me."

"Witness protection is completely voluntary. You come out of WITSEC but still promise to testify, and we'll be the ones who offer you protection."

I knew what this meant. I would be owned by the mob, as would my sister. But we would both still be alive, though we would live every day in fear, terrified my father would send someone after us-or at least me. How could I live like that, and what would happen after the trial? Would my testimony still be taken if I was seen to be under the protection of my father's rival?

But if I turned down his offer now, would he just shoot me?

"Let me talk to my sister," I said, avoiding answering the question, trying to buy some time.

He paused and then jerked his chin at the guy

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