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westcorphotels > Yama Rising > Chapter 727: The Great Sale (1)

Chapter 727: The Great Sale (1)

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Yan Capital. Inside a spacious conference room. Several old men watched intently with great astonishment. Lei Jun was present as well.

A one-meter large screen formed from Yin energy swirled about at the end of the conference room, playing a familiar song from it.

“My dearest motherland, you are the ocean that sends refreshing waves to the shores of my heart. The song in my heart…” It was a song that was familiar to all of them - so familiar that even the old men couldn’t help but exchange awkward glances with each other. That said, the sight of countless Yin spirits belting out the song in chorus was simply astonishing - more so than anything they had ever witnessed in their lifetimes.

It was a live projection that was transmitted through Hell’s own means, and they could see everything with pristine clarity, including how the gathering of Yin spirits were all singing at the top of their voices!

A majestic flag of Cathay fluttered gloriously behind Qin Ye. After hearing Qin Ye’s words to the citizens of Hell, the old men suddenly felt… that there wasn’t the slightest bit of incongruity with the image Qin Ye was portraying of Hell.

Hell wasn’t bleak and hopeless in the slightest. In fact, they weren’t even shocked by what they were seeing of Hell right now.


Everything was clearly different from the mortal realm. The Yin spirits didn’t have shadows and drifted along the ground with netherflames flourishing from the depths of their eyes. So why did they get the sensing that it was… hardly any different from the mortal realm?

Was it all a farce?

“Are they… trying to show goodwill to the mortal realm?” One of the old men suddenly exclaimed.

“No. They have no reason to show any goodwill to the mortal realm in the first place.” Lei Jun was likewise moved by the sight as he pointed to the projection screen, “This is a large city filled with over ten million Yin spirits. It might well even be the capital of Hell. Take a look at the city walls. Every turret is armed with ballistae and archers, and they even have some ancient mechanical devices which appear to be defensive structures. The ones patrolling the walls are also clearly Yin soldiers. This means that Hell can easily mobilize hundreds of thousands of Yin soldiers at once, if they so desire.”

“Don’t forget that Yin soldiers are existences that can remain hidden to us mortals. Should he wish to lay waste to the mortal realm, then… I’m afraid that there will be hardly anything we can do about it. Organized groups of Yin spirits are far more terrifying than rogue evil ghosts after all. You know full well what I’m talking about.”

Nobody said a word.

After a long time, the old man sitting in the center of the room finally spoke up, “This is all genuine.”

“He’s doing so of his own volition. We’ve seen all kinds of people in our time, and I find that… he’s not faking anything. As Director Lei has mentioned earlier, there’s no reason for him to

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