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Volume N/A - CH 27

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There’s the rule that all students had to treat each other equally, and the authority, power and status one had outside was meaningless in Temple.

“Tha, that’s…… Yo, your Grace…?”

“Come on, you should talk to me comfortably. It’s the rule here to treat everyone equally.”

However, this rule was rather tricky to implement for lower ranking people..

Could you just talk comfortably to a Prince just because he asked you to?

In the past when we went to Temple, you sure were talking casually to me, haha.

You were telling me to do so after all, hahaha.

Do I look so easy to you?

They were afraid to someday hold this kind of conversation.

Of course, Bertus wasn’t that kind of character, but rather, it was just the lower class getting intimidated by his presence.

After that, the student council president informed us about the general rules and told us to refer to the manual if we had further questions.

It was mostly about the curfew, meal time, items that could and could not be brought in and when to wake up. Just some little things. We were warned not to wander around after lights out. Of course, it was possible to go out if necessary, but we were told to prepare for a scolding by the superintendent if they found out.

‘Since the superintendents have a lifetime contract with Temple, if you don’t have enough power to influence even the Temple staff, you’d better wake up on time.’

They even gave us that kind of dreadful warning.

Temple was fully prepared to even counter act their teachers being weighed down by their students’ authority and couldn’t do their jobs as teachers properly.

In the lobby on the left, the students that met each other for the first time today got together and talked with each other. I sat slightly further away and overheard what they were talking about.

Bertus was a hidden villain to begin with. At the start, guys with a hot temper were the ones who started arguing with Class B. Bertus originally appeared as a good guy in Class A. He was amiable, didn’t discriminate against others and was kind to everyone in Class B.

He even hid the fact that he was a prince. He hid his identity and just enrolled into Temple’s Royal Class as an outstanding student. He later revealed his true identity and character to the main character! That was how I set it up.

But now, because of Charlotte’s admittance his identity was already known. In other words, the development I had previously planned out disappeared like smoke.

Even so, it wouldn’t change the bigger framework of this academy setting. Going to classes, studying and training. Although the development would be different, the structure would be the same.

“Take it easy, take it easy. If you don’t, I might be the one who gets a warning, you know? Aren’t you worried about that?”

“Ah, Uh, uhm… Yes, I am….”

Bertus was telling the students who had a hard time dealing with him to treat him comfortably, while teasing the

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