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Volume N/A - CH 26

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The Imperial Prince and the Imperial Princess both entered the Royal Class and joined the same grade. They announced that the princess was alive, but she never appeared in public.

But then she suddenly entered Temple.

Of course, Bertus was aware of her admission. He was also the main villain of the story. However, Bertus didn’t use his authority to join the Royal Class.

As he was a major character, I was, of course, able to give a brief outline of the character.

Number A-1.

Name: Bertus de Gardias.

Talent: Swordsmanship, Magic Sensitivity, Magic Control.

Characteristic : Narrow eyes. (T/N: Like those characters that never open their eyes of which a lot are kinda two faced)

Remarks : A Bastard.

In front of others, he acted kind and got along with everyone, however, he, in fact, was someone who did a lot of bad things when left alone. A bastard who was originally good, but explodes once he got angry. I didn’t even think that he even had naturally narrow eyes.

And those three simple talents.

Swordsmanship, Magic Sensitivity, Magic Control.

Those were talents Duke Salerian forced to bloom by spending a great deal of money on Bertus. Ever since he was young, he had to undergo countless surgeries in order to get these three talents. With money and power, talent could also be made to bloom by force. Although that was only possible if one were the Imperial Prince.

So what were these three talents?

After a long study conducted by the Empire on why someone wouldn’t be able to reach the master-class even though they trained hard for a long time, they came to the following conclusion.

A combat-related talent, magic sensitivity and magic control.

It was almost impossible to reach the Master-class if one had no aptitude for any of those three. There were some who had talents in combat related weapon skills, but it was very rare to have an aptitude for magic sensitivity and control at the same time. If having them as aptitudes was rare already, then, of course, it was even rarer to have both as talents.

However, Bertus had all three as talents, not as aptitudes. His talent was swordsmanship and magic sensitivity and control were essential requirements.

To become a master in swordsmanship, that is.

In other words, he would become a Swordmaster.

* * *

The Imperial Family was also getting educated at Temple. It was a kind of advertisement and proof of credibility. If one said Temple was the best educational facility in the world and then went and taught the Imperial Family separately, anyone would probably have doubts about the reliability of those words.

However, in the Empire, the Imperial Family was also educated here.

So it was no wonder that its reliability and safety skyrocketed. Of course, the Imperial Family could just get educated separately , but with them deciding to sned their children to receive their education at Temple, other people couldn’t help but place

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