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Volume N/A - CH 25

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This was called self-satisfaction.

Naturally, the readers dropped the novel in disgust of that sudden development. But what should I have done? At the time I thought that would be the best development. Of course, it would have been better if I had just ran away, leaving it unfinished as usual, but then I had a sudden compulsion to complete it somehow.

If you do stupid things, one day you will end up paying for them.

Because of that crazy development, I now had to eat the shit I produced myself. So whether I liked it or not, that chaotic situation in which gates suddenly opened in this world, sending this world to ruin was approaching with every moment.

It was a slice-of-life story for one half and the other was some weird Gate diving story.

I now had three options.

I could wait for the ending to come in a safe place, ignoring the fact that I had knowledge about these Gates.

I could train until I got to a state where I could fight before the Gates opened and jump right into the situation.

And lastly.

I could eliminate the situation of the Gates opening by using the “Rewriting” Function.

For the second option I didn’t really have to join Temple, but the third option absolutely required me to be part of the main story to get achievement points.

As I had already experienced several life or death situations in the prologue part, I had no confidence whatsoever in fighting or seeing someone die right in front of me, so I had no other choice but to somehow prepare for the Gate situation.

If it were up to me I’d choose to hide somewhere and just watch the fire slowly burning out without concerning myself with it.

Even though it was cowardly, my life was more precious.

However, Sarkegaar, Loyar and Eleris had pushed me away from that. As my excuses were blocked one by one, I had no other choice but to give up.

Anyway, if this reality really is the shit I made, I had to take some responsibility. It’s impossible for me to take full responsibility, but if I were able to do something about a given situation, I should absolutely do that.

I didn’t know if it were possible to stop the Gates from opening. It was probably impossible.

If that didn’t work, then I had to become stronger through achievement points and decimate the monsters coming out of the Gate.

So, anyway, part because of my own self-righteousness, I somehow had to do something about this future only I knew about


I arrived at the first page of the main story.


I had to either become the strongest on the continent, or somehow get rid of that Gate situation. Or I might end up with useless talents, that were neither this nor that.

I wasn’t even good at the things I liked, so should I try harder on things I didn’t like then?

Cold sweat ran down my face.

* * *

Temple was divided into three main sections: the elementary, secondary, and higher education facilities. 6 years of elementary

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