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Volume N/A - CH 23

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The Admissions counseling center was practically crowded with people, but the admissions application office was quiet and each student had a one-on-one meeting with a counselor to receive counseling. Said counselor said they came because we said we had the money to apply, but they looked at Daibun with a look of disbelief.

“Uhm…. This may sound rude, but may I tell you something in advance?”

“Yes. Go ahead.”

Daibun was completely frozen, so I just stepped up. The counselor continued with a slightly apologetic expression.

“There are some people who only pay tuition for one semester… Those who wish to first enter the school….”

It was true that 50 gold was a huge amount of money, but if they liquidated everything you had, there may be some people who could afford it, so there were some people who only payed for one semester like this. Was this about that?

“Can you not do that?”

If we couldn’t, wouldn’t that mean my plans wouldn’t go through? The counselor also spoke respectfully to me.

Perhaps it became a habit after meeting so many children of high-ranking people.

“Of course, if you don’t have the money to pay the tuition for this semester and the next… It’s a rule to expel these people after a certain period of time, but….”

“So, if I don’t have the money for the next semester, I won’t be able to register?”

“Yes, in principle. However, there is no reason to sanction this just because of that…. As not all the students admitted like that would end up this way…. Sometimes, that is.”


Was there an additional setting or environment created by some probability that I didn’t set up? The counselor hesitated to speak.

“They would first pay the tuition for just a single semester and then, well… They would try to build up friendships with other more financially stable children during that semester…. They then would ask them to pay the tuition for the next semester…. There were quite a few like that.”


I seemed to know what they were talking about.

“Children would whine to their parents that a close friend of theirs had to leave Temple because they lacked money…. There were parents who would listen to them, but… This is rather damaging towards Temple’s image, in many ways….”

Even if the tuition for Temple was pretty expensive, that was of little importance to those who were very wealthy. In Temple, where nobles, commoners and royalty lived together, friendships transcending their social status sometimes occurred.

Therefore, there were children who entered for one semester in the hopes of building such a connection, of course, it was mostly the parents that made them. Even if it wasn’t just to make them pay their tuition fees, they calculated that it would be beneficial just to have an extremely wealthy friend.

The children might make a fuss about their friends leaving, but the parents might just go complain to Temple why they would let beggars just casually wander around

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