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Volume N/A - CH 22

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I was told that Daibun created a lot of identities for people that had no origins. He took me to the Imperial City Bureau, so to speak, to a nearby district office. The person in charge looked tried as if he had seen Daibun many times, maybe even questioning why he had come again.

“You’re looking quite neat today.”

“It’s because I’ve brought a child this time.”

“Hey, I didn’t know you actually cared that much.”

Perhaps because Daibun played the role of my guardian today, he wore clean clothes and bathed today. I did the same. The person in charge didn’t seem to be all that fussy, as if this had already happened frequently except that we looked rather neat.

He didn’t have any suspicions or questions, completing the procedure swiftly.

When I received the Dreadfiend’s ring, I thought long and hard as to what to change my appearance to. Naturally I should have a lot of hair.

I shouldn’t be too handsome or too ugly.

I did want to live as a super handsome man, but I didn’t want to attract too much attention with my looks. That was the first thing Eleris told me.

So I tried to make myself look moderately good-looking. Blonde hair, slightly curly, blue eyes. Neither the hair color nor the eye color were especially rare. It was good enough to looks slightly better than average. I was a bit good looking, but not overwhelmingly handsome.


“I’m Reinhardt.”

“Where were you born?”

“I don’t know.”

“Whoa…. You don’t even know from what town you come from?”

The person in charge looked at me rather frustrated.

“Yes. I don’t really remember, because I was abandoned when I was very young.”


He didn’t ask for much more information after that. He told me to put my hand on some mana stone in front of the table. He seemed to check something and then nodded.

“There’s definitely no data on you… You must have lived a rather righteous life.”

He suddenly spoke some nonsense, but I could roughly understand what that meant. This seemed to be something like a fingerprint reader, so if I were caught by the guards after I committed even a petty crime, my data would’ve already been registered. Homeless children like me were more likely to commit crimes, but seeing that I did not have such records, he presumed that I lived a righteous life.

After all, my birthplace and address were unknown, but I couldn’t just leave it blank, so I just made up a date of birth with those two. The birthplace was set as a suitable city that disappeared a long time ago and my address was south of the Bronzegate Bridge.

It seemed like I owned the bridge, but I actually lived under it.

Due to the advanced nature of the empire, they had a magic tool with which I was able to get a photo for my ID card.

Daibun and I left the office, sent off with the reminder to periodically come around to renew the ID.


It really was no different from a modern district office.

They were too expedient

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