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Volume N/A - CH 21

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Daibun continued to admire me, saying that he didn’t know how he couldn’t think of selling things in a place like that, and Loyar also seemed to think that that would be a good idea.

I’ve only been on that train once, but it didn’t seem like there were any guards positioned on it yet. There might be complaints against the vendors getting filed, resulting in countermeasures, but that would be in the distant future.

It didn’t end there.

This was my cash cow. Of course, things had to work out here. They had to earn a lot more and be more stable than they had ever been before.

In fact, it was difficult for me to believe that either Eleris or Sarkegaar would bring in any income.

Hence, this place was my lifeline.

“Of course, just selling candy alone like before would be a little weak. So we have to have something that would draw in everyone’s attention.”


A place where a large amount of people gathered was overflowing with consumers. Of course, candy alone wouldn’t garner much attention. It had to be a product that was specifically targeted at our customers.

“However, our financial situation isn’t good enough to sell the good stuff, you know?”


Of course, it would have been nice if we could sell good quality stuff that people needed, but if that were possible for us, we’d just start an official business. Simply put, something simple, inexpensive that attracted a lot of attention, something that focused on utility rather than quality.

“Toys would be the best thing to sell in our situation I believe.”

“Toys? I don’t know what stuff they’re selling elsewhere, but d’ya think they’ll sell?”

Loyar seemed a bit hesitant.

I chuckled.

“Toys are products who are demanded by a different comsumer group than the actual purchasers.”


“What do you mean?”

Daibun would probably understand, but Loyar wasn’t the sharpest. Well, yeah, this was optimized for isekai characters. Not bad.

An Isekai cliche.

Talking about completely normal everyday things as if they were amazing in front of stupid characters.

Depending on the level of the things the writer makes the main character say one could tell the writer’s knowledge level.

Something along the lines of: “Aah, this is soap. Because of thesurfactantin it you can wash your hands really well”

There’s a 100% chance that you’ll feel great about yourself for using the word ‘surfactant’ and about 98.235% of people will think you’re one smart cookie.


This time I was talking about toys.

“It’s the kids who will be begging for toys, but it’s the parents who have to pay for them.”

Toys were something kids demanded, but the actual purchase happened through the parents.

“Let’s say a toddler were to cry for that toy on a crowded mana train.”

They were both staring at me talking.

“Then the parents would buy that toy, whether it was poor quality or not.”

I didn’t know how I s

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