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Volume N/A - CH 18

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e Demon King acted as anemulsifier between water and oil.

A being that made things that weren’t able to mix together, mix together.

“…Then there’s one more question I have.”

“Yes. go ahead.”

“Why did the Demon World War happen?”

I just wrote down that there was a war, but not why the Demon World War happened. Humans tried to vanquish the demons. that’s what I wrote. So this was supposed to be the first invasion from the human’s side.

Eleris looked into the bonfire, saying:

“The humans have always been afraid of the unification of the Demon Realm.”

The probability of the event that I hadn’t properly set had been fixed. It was quite bizarre to experience my messed up probabilities getting fixed like that.

Humans had invaded the Demon Realm.

Since I didn’t state the reason for it, the world supplemented the possibility that humans feared the Demon Realm’s unification and the setting of the Arcdemons. I had that strange feeling of guilt creep up inside of me, as this felt like someone else filled the holes I created while messing around.

The demons of the Darkland began to form a society. Even the humans, who had been fighting among themselves had no choice but to be alert of that situation.

“The previous Demon Kings were aware of the fact that the humans would one day start to invade the Demon Realm. That’s why the Demon Realm was continuously preparing for war.”

I nodded at Eleris words. Even if they don’t intend to invade each other, if they see the other side increase their arms the other side would do the same.

‘Don’t get us wrong, we were just increasing our military to defend against a possible attack from you.’

Of course, no one would believe that bullshit.

It was common for fights to happen because they feared each other.

So, even though the Demon Realm and the Human Realm didn’t have any intentions of attacking each other, they were preparing to attack each other, just because the other side existed.

It didn’t matter who started it. A war would eventually break out no matter what.

The Demon Realm had the Demon King, but the Human Realm also had mighty forces, the Warriors. The warriors succeeded in taking down the Demon King with them.

The death of the Demon King was on a completely different level than the death of a human king. So, the mere fact that the Demon King was dead would have completely destroyed the morale of many of the King’s soldiers.

In fact, the Demon King was comparable to a God in the Demon Realm.

This explanation alone was enough for me to understand the importance of Arcdemons.

“Yes…. I can see now why Arcdemons are important.”

Now I knew why it had to be me.

“Then what should I do from now on? Have you thought about that yet?”

“You have to build your strength. Also, Gardium is much too dangerous. We have to return to the Demon Realm, gather the scattered demons and reestablish your power, while you mus

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