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Volume N/A - CH 5

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I had no other choice but to give an evasive answer to Charlotte’s words, that relieved me somewhat.


The princess was already aware that her life was in danger.

Rather, the way she stared at me so calmly confirmed to me that my guesses were correct. she was looking at me with such serious eyes, as if she was never so preoccupied with the food.

“It’s difficult for me to go into detail, but my half-brother, Bertus, was probably blindly waiting for me to die. For him, knowing that I was still alive, would be like a thorn in his side.”

The girl that was sitting in a prison cell holding her mother’s body and crying was completely gone. Charlotte, who returned to her seat, was calm, as if she realized again that she was a member of the imperial family.

However, Bertus actually had a lot of followers. He was a villain, but he sure wasn’t incompetent.

“However, I don’t know how he plans to kill me. I don’t know who will do it, I just know it will happen soon.”

She didn’t know how she was going to be attacked and Charlotte didn’t know who to trust in this chaotic situation just after the end of a war. Due to most forces searching the Demon King’s Castle and cleaning up the stragglers, almost all the main forces were missing.

“And the people I turst aren’t here. I think it was intentional.”

When Charlotte was rescued, she realized that none of her own were around. Then something flashed through my mind like lightning.

“Hoh, so that’s why you told the people to leave….”

“Well, yes.”

In the first place, she kicked everyone out except me because she couldn’t be sure if any of them would end up being her killer except me.

Rather, Charlotte was a lot more cautious than I was.

She didn’t know who to trust, or when she’d be killed. How could one know if they hadn’t poisoned the food?

“Hey, the food might gotten poisoned….”

At my words, the princess laughed.

“If they poisoned the food, I’d just eat it and die then, in this situation.”

She was so hungry she didn’t care anymore.

I couldn’t imagine just how hungry the princess was, but it seemed like she was so starved that she’d rather die than not eat the food in front of her. She was so hungry that she’d even eat poisoned food. Fortunately, there wasn’t any poison in it.

“Most people stationed in these barracks will be enemies.”

“Is…… that so?”

Charlotte was convinced that not just a few but most of them were her enemies.

“I tried to leave the barracks a few times before, but they didn’t let me, with the excuse that I should relax. I’m sure they’re trying to lock me up.”

Charlotte’s voice was getting lower and lower.

“It’s not known yet that I was rescued. They didn’t want to announce this either.”

Is that so?

Even when she got rescued, she came out wrapped in something like a thick coat. Charlotte was convinced that there weren’t other survivors inside the Demon King’s Castle.

“They’re p

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